Saturday, May 26, 2012

Road to Wellness: Cancer Cure Part 3.1 (Recipe)

Budwig Cream 

* one serving*

What you need:
1/2 cup or 8 tablespoon of Organic Cottage cheese
3 tablespoon of Flax seed oil
hand mixer/blender (it's up to you,depends on what you already have at home)
fruits,oatmeal,cereal,nuts (optional)


  • Combine 8 tablespoon of Organic Cottage cheese & 3 tablespoon of Flax seed oil
  • Blend until smooth/creamy (whichever you prefer)
  • let it rest for 10 minutes (why? so that the cottage cheese will absorb the flax seed oil and it will be more effective in cleaning the liver, detoxifying that way)
  • then you can add your fruit/cereal/oatmeal,nut whatever you like,you can make it into a smoothie or simply just add water it's almost like milk and tasteless (be creative!) ^_^

You MUST do this 2 times a day,everyday (if you can't do at least one serving, if not then do half just intake(eat) you can put down in your stomach it's better than none).This recipe cleanses/detoxify your liver.

Note: if you are lactose intolerant read this. There are also some concerns and questions will arise just keep in mind that the journey you are about to embark and what you will eat is good for your body ^_^ there is a saying healthy foods doesn't taste as good as the bad stuff well to be honest it's really up to you and what your taste buds are like ;) You can buy all the ingredients at the health food store or at the organic section of the grocery.

read more all about it here.

~Anyone can do this whether you're sick or not try it! there's no harm in doing so
begin the healthier new you! ^_^

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