Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Call Me Sonya Grey: A Young Girl's Poems About Death, Life and Adolescence by Sonya Tupone Lloyd

Category: Poetry,Non-Fiction
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 94
Published: December 8th 2006 by Tribute Books
ISBN: 0976507277 (ISBN13: 9780976507277)
Language: English
About the book:
Call Me Sonya Grey is a personal collection of poetic verse that is at once inspiring and challenging.(more)

My Review: 3 stars

This book made me thought and reflect about life the grey almost shadowy cover that made it looked like a memory, its magazine like pages,the content that's unique on its own dated back and forth through her childhood.Indeed it's very painful when you lose someone very dear to you it seems like your world stopped but in reality the world don't stop for anyone you have to move on and go on with your life it's hard but you'll get by.I like how every poem made its point or simply just conveying raw emotions at the moment page 49 titled Questions strikes me the most along with page 19,like a leaf and 41,the written word I can relate to some of it,imagined most,saw what it's like,empathizes with the whole content this made me reassess everything about me and other stuff I guess through this experiences will make us stronger and more determined in life.Thank you so much Sonya for sharing your story.