Saturday, May 26, 2012

Road to Wellness: Cancer Cure Part 3.1 (Recipe)

Budwig Cream 

* one serving*

What you need:
1/2 cup or 8 tablespoon of Organic Cottage cheese
3 tablespoon of Flax seed oil
hand mixer/blender (it's up to you,depends on what you already have at home)
fruits,oatmeal,cereal,nuts (optional)


  • Combine 8 tablespoon of Organic Cottage cheese & 3 tablespoon of Flax seed oil
  • Blend until smooth/creamy (whichever you prefer)
  • let it rest for 10 minutes (why? so that the cottage cheese will absorb the flax seed oil and it will be more effective in cleaning the liver, detoxifying that way)
  • then you can add your fruit/cereal/oatmeal,nut whatever you like,you can make it into a smoothie or simply just add water it's almost like milk and tasteless (be creative!) ^_^

You MUST do this 2 times a day,everyday (if you can't do at least one serving, if not then do half just intake(eat) you can put down in your stomach it's better than none).This recipe cleanses/detoxify your liver.

Note: if you are lactose intolerant read this. There are also some concerns and questions will arise just keep in mind that the journey you are about to embark and what you will eat is good for your body ^_^ there is a saying healthy foods doesn't taste as good as the bad stuff well to be honest it's really up to you and what your taste buds are like ;) You can buy all the ingredients at the health food store or at the organic section of the grocery.

read more all about it here.

~Anyone can do this whether you're sick or not try it! there's no harm in doing so
begin the healthier new you! ^_^

Friday, May 25, 2012

The World Poetry Movement:: Real or not real?

I received a mail.Inside contains a letter which states that I'm one of the semi finalist blah blah blah so on and so forth a chance to be one of the lucky winners and to be publish aha! attached to that are the contest rules and prizes,an empty envelope(in which you'll provide/buy your stamp) yeah it's not pre-paid :/ ,a copy of my poem a box to check to disclose copyright and artist profile if I'd like to post one, another brochure in which you'll enclose to the envelope if you'd like to order your own copy of the book with a solid promise of 100% return policy,Hardcover with the best paper mill that could last for generations.

So what's my problem? well to be honest with you I'm actually thrilled after reading all these good news but this thing sounds too good to be true I mean I saw a lot of entries some good, some bad and a lot of like and star ratings on the facebook page in which I thought my entry is done for, my chances are slim :| but then again I read this letter in which I'll admit kinda boosted my ego and embraced this writing ego of mine and I'm bother for everything looks and sounds legit but is it really? I searched far and wide people with mixed reviews about the whole thing some say it's bogus,a scam that's been there for so long that needs to be eradicated,some say even via youtube that they received a copy,saw their poem included in many poem anthologies,some say they never received any copy at all,it's too expensive for a book filled with amateur poets/writers these things made me think a lot and I dunno what to do at the moment lol so what do you think guys?

Road to Wellness: Cancer Cure Part II

Let's talk about what people do at the center.

After the orientation you'll immediately be hook up at the infusion room with an IV bag (yes, Intravenous) which will take about 3 to 4 hours max so it's up to you whether you want it in your arm or if you want to get a port done. (you'll be referred to a very good doctor who always do these sorta thing)

I think having a port is easier and less of a hassle 1.) you can move around freely after 2 weeks arm restrictions 2.) less worries about having an infiltration 3.) easy to maintain [after each IV session they always flush it with heparin so it won't clog/have any blood clot.If you are not using it any longer either just take it out the same way they put it in or just give yourself some heparin shots]

Day One, a wonderful lady from the front desk will give you a schedule to follow they do all sorts of stuff like Colonics, which cleans your colons after a couple of sessions you'll feel like a million bucks haha some say lighter, refreshed,rejuvenated, and cheery perhaps ^_^ what else? they also do Lymphatic massage, basic massage which helps drain your lymphatic system.Core Health, Leslie a guidance counselor will help you all throughout the program she'll give you assignments,cds/dvds to tune in and give you advice etc.Spiritual Guidance, Mark will help and guide you ,talk about religion,faith,belief anything goes. Foot bath, that looks like your regular foot spa but they have this ionizer and they put epsom salts for 30 minutes your foot will be soak into that mixture and you'll be surprised how the water changes color.

Everything about that center is amazing! they also have free wifi ;)
so check it out see for yourself ^_^

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Finale

Why so many interlude,gimmicks and intermissions?

don't prolong our agony!

ugh -_-

Well of course we all know the answer on that one ;)
ok so that was my reaction before and then after the announcement I was like..

and like OMG!

 how you may ask? well Jessica Sanchez she's talented and the ever so classic contestant in a way that she dress and act the part like shy then BOOM! showed her alter ego on stage you see while Philip Phillips was one of those with a humble,patweetams (cutie),shy type, down to earth casual look even at the finale itself I mean like seriously? a simple polo shirt in a very almost once in a lifetime event wow! that's dedication right there folks! plus of course how can you be the next American Idol (AI) if you are not (pure) american [that was one joke my aunt told me such racist remarks I know haha], Jessica is a very obvious choice I think that's why Philip won plus of course the show rating itself besides the voting. We can't deny both their stage presence was like WOAH! : O

To be honest I only watched the beginning of the season like the crazy auditions,Top 10,Top 3 and the Finale itself I dunno why it's just the thrill of it all I thought Josh will win but he kinda like blew it overreacted during the top 3 and his song choice was just..let's just say not right, some are completely terrible! Philip on the other hand got away by means of charisma even though out of tune and melody he played it cool,chill,relax with a hommie indie vibe.While Jessica unleashed her superstar diva well to all of us they're all winners I mean it's just so hard to choose but america has voted and indeed it was a close fight a battle of vocal cords in which Philip Phillips won fair and square!

Congratulations Philip Phillips!
and to Jessica Sanchez as well good job!
that was some very spectacular show.

I had a mini celebration afterwards I ate some Ramen and orange slices (which accounts as a midnight snack though I don't really do those anymore but it's a special occasion so...yes that's my excuse haha!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

World Poetry Movement

I just recently submitted a poem of mine online I know it's a long shot but I'll take my chances it's my first time to enter a poetry contest haha!. Kindly rate my work your support is gladly appreciated and join the movement as well. ^_^

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Road to Wellness: Cancer Cure

In which I'll talk about my recent adventures finding the truth about cancer,its cure,conspiracy and money making strategies as we're all consumed unknowingly by conventional western medicine.

where do I begin?
March 20th
We went to this wonderful place called UTOPIA, a wellness center at Clearwater,Florida, USA we're there for an alternative cancer treatment.Not a lot of people knows about this because for a very long time now the medical associations are trying to wipe out these treatment methods why? because if a lot of people would know that there's such thing as a CURE FOR CANCER, all natural,that all you have to do is to eat organic foods,no sugar,detoxify your body and be alkaline in order for you to heal where is the money in that?whose gonna pay for all the equipment they have in the hospital?the list is endless.You can't even patent it or so I dunno.Cancer IS A BUSINESS! your doctor/oncology whoever that is will tell you all sorts of things but only some will tell you the truth about it and behind it all.And that's what I had discovered! the wonders and miracles of all things possible!

I'm helping out and accompanying a family friend (just to be clear I don't have any disease or anything).Her Cancer relapsed.

1st day at the center
We're there early waiting patiently at the lobby then when it's time to talk to the Doctor we entered the premises and of course the usual history taking.Dr. Carlos Garcia he's a very interesting fellow indeed after weighing our options and considering opinions of both parties we all decided right there on that very moment to take out her tracheal tube (which is used before to assist her breathing).It was kind of shocking for some people but not really for me since I've observed,know and done it before still kind of a big deal this time around.A big step towards the healing process it was quick lasted only a couple of seconds and yes we're trained and oriented of what to do and so on about these things at the hospital though in a different scenario same principle follows.Moving on after that we had a program orientation which is quite overwhelming considering the amount of information being fed on us all at ones we're dead beat the time we reached home it was a pretty exhausting mindblowing amazing day!

The Program will run for 6 weeks and it's up to you whether you follow it or not but you oath to do so for it's out of the pocket payment no insurance company will cover it. 6 weeks for that is what your body needs to recover and detoxify but of course everybody is different so some people might require longer treatment some shorter and such.It's quite hard at first but eventually you'll grow into it your body will sync and respond.There are several tapes/DVDs/CDs for you to watch,listen and choose.From all of it for me the message was it's all in the head (yes! your mind is screwing you!),Think well in order for you to be well,"the body can heal itself" from the biology of belief,it's your life LIVE IT,cancer is curable now!

This center not only cure the physical ailments but the spiritual and mental aspect as well a HOLISTIC APPROACH which is good and I'm telling you it works!

3rd day, we formed this huge circle of people since Dr. Garcia will do his usual wednesday talk and it's about different tests this time. Out of nowhere a guy name Lu asked us about our names and so we introduced ourselves with the whole group I tried to focus and remember as many names as I possibly can repeat them that marked a day we made friends ^_^

At the Center, everybody loves to talk all you have to do is walk over,introduce yourself,probably sit down,listen or share if you like which is good coz everything was very comforting you'll learn a lot of things about food,socialization,gadgets,machines and all sorts of stories.I met a lot of great people,shared and experienced there milestones one of which is this very nice old timer name Fred along with his wife Alice they're from New Hampshire,what a wonderful pair,they love the outdoors we talked about food,politics,the wilds anything goes.He drove down all the way by himself to Florida Alice followed him soon after.He got prostate cancer stage 4 (they say in the alternative world there's no such thing as stages...but I still think it's good to know) anyway it took him about 7 weeks,got his test and his PET SCAN was clear he was cured!healed! no cancer! HOORAH! he was cheery and excited spreading the news to everybody and everyone was hugging and congratulating him and I'm one of those people who just can't stop hugging them I was so happy what a glorious day!

To be honest I just want this to be a short post and be as brutally honest as I can
The Healthcare system especially here in America is whacked and some rules just doesn't make sense at all especially with insurance policies though we all know that there's no such thing as a perfect system but we could all try to make it better right?

The basic cancer stories and revelations I heard and know while I'm there was:
-Doctors tell you all these vile things about cancer,you dying,being terminal,lifeline,no cure (but only a few experience veterans on the field will tell you the truth)
-Some doctors go to the back door if they're the one who got the disease.
-first off biopsy
-Surgery?Chemo or radiation? (perhaps a mix of both surgery then chemo or radiation)
-DABDA (Denial,Anger,Bargaining,Depression,Acceptance)
-it's either you chose to go to surgery or walk away from it and choose other methods (research)
-read books (cancer books)

Side note: Bryan (another friend and patient there) told us Once you did chemo you can do and surpass any type of treatment.( And they say chemo was the most painful and staggering of all :/ ) he also shared a story about a lady he knew who also got stomach cancer she chose to have surgery then some chemo or radiation I think she was fine for a couple of days,happy as if nothing happened 2 weeks later she was dead :O that's why Bryan after 7 (or was it 8) rounds of chemo he finally chose to go alternative,all good and natural.Though I'm not sure how many weeks (7 weeks I think) it took him he then got this cancer marker test he was cured!

You see this alternative treatment shouldn't be the last resort it should be at front and center but of course like what I told you cancer is a business they will try to push away and wipe out any traces of these wonderful natural alternative methods just to earn and profit.

So it's really up to you which you choose to live a healthy prosperous wonderful organic life or the other way around. The bad stuff you did when you're young will only toll your body and pay the bill when you're old so better start the good stuff get into it while early and your efforts will multiply ten folds or more.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Game of Thrones

"Winter is coming"~House Stark

There's a lot of hype about this from books to HBO adaptation and I finally gave into the temptation to be absorbed and involved with the Game of thrones.I can't barely move on in my audiobook version so I tried to watch and did an entire marathon of Season 1 it was mindblowing! I love the characters,the show,story line everything about it was brilliant! it's nice to see everyone live in action it somewhat helped me to visualize each scenario and truly encouraged me to continue tuning in since some parts of season 2 is still in the making >.<

If Ned said what he intented to say in the first place will it turn out differently?
and here I am wanting to have a dire wolf for a pet XD
Season 2
I dunno what to feel right now to be honest everything was just so complicated,full of twist and turns just swirling with deceivement for the sake of the power and the ultimate main goal THE IRON THRONE.(well to some of them at least) war is everywhere! people in rage! OMG!

"For the night is dark and full of Terrors"~ Melisandre (Red Woman)
She send me the creeps sometimes :|

Watch more of it here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The first time I saw this on the Ellen show I was so excited and immediately searched this awesome game! I haven't played any games for quite some time now but every time I get a chance to do so wetopia is a good way to go so I'm encouraging you to join and support this brilliant game as well. ^_^

Monday, May 14, 2012


There was a time in my life where I used to roam around the open field running,jumping,skipping stones,play tag and of course the ultimate change before was to catch a Dragonfly I wonder if they really are from the dragon family or was it just because of their oddity anyway there was also a song about a smelly kid warning the dragonfly not be captured by one haha I know such rhyming it was.

It's very nostalgic up to now especially after I saw one this close I'd like to keep it but I just took a photo in a way of "capturing" it coz truly deep inside I just want this beautiful creature to be free!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers day!

I salute all of you dearly beloved mothers out there thank you so much for everything mere words won't suffice to all the hard work and sarcrifices you'd done good job and have a lovely day! ^_^

Thursday, May 3, 2012


So one day I've decided to cut off my hair but since I'm planning it to be short I went to the local hair clippers. I already had a portrait to show the stylist she then asked me the usual questions like What's the main reason I want to chop of my hair(easy, save water and shampoo),where I'm from,my plan for the day(in a good not so creepy way I simply replied around,perhaps checkout the bookstores) in which I asked her in return what's her favourite book,if any of those other authors or books she read any good,what's something good and fun around the area to be honest none actually same old same old she's stuck to the parlor nothing much to do around here anyway, since the shot only covers the front which shows minimal shortness she tried to look upon the book and showed me different styles and approach to the look I'm rooting for.

All I want is to try a pixie cut. Jagged edges,short but not to much layers just in line with my ears,Trim my bangs and for my back of my head to lighten up a bit. All that hair took me awhile to dry in some cases caused me headaches.

My new hairstyle was weird and awkward at first then I eventually started to like it.Now it's lighter and I love how it goes to the side.I feel different I look different change is good!

Side note:
I had quite a few hairstyles before and trust me the others are weirder haha! this picture features a short look not to jaggedy perhaps I'd go to a shorter look next time.