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Looking for Alaska by John Green | Book Review

Category: Young Adult,Coming of Age,Fiction
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 221
Published: March 3rd 2005 by Puffin
ISBN: 0142402516 (ISBN13: 9780142402511)
Language: English
About the book:
Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet Francois Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps." Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young. Clever, funny, screwed-up, and dead sexy, Alaska will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps.(more)

My Review: 4 stars
First off I was greatly intrigued by John Green like who is he?what kind of books he writes and such I've searched  far and wide about his works this is one of the first I've ever own :)) I watched most of their videos via youtube (vlogbrothers) I must say that I am indeed a nerdfighter XD Nerdfighteria rules! I like the type of world they created that aims to decrease world suck!anyway,what I like about this book is how Miles found his great perhaps and I love how the story line was narrated in a before and after days countdown.There are some scenarios here that I saw myself looking back those awkward eerie teenage years and my great perhaps as well Oh good times! though it's kinda sad but quite predictable how it all ended.I asked myself the same question about the labyrinth and all that afterwards everything put together made a lot of sense...a very astonishing impact!

As far as character development goes they all got a long way to go Miles needs to open up more to people around him, participate and just be himself,The General what a funny guy! I'm not so sure about his ambrosia concoction for me dairy and vodka don't mix that well lol :)) Alaska,sure got some issues she needs to clear things up and accept the past in order to move on but....yeah I'm not telling you what happened next perhaps a friend that would help her snap out of it or share things with would somewhat help her out.The Gang being kids..teenagers and all got a lot of personality going on but they are definitely smart no doubt about it you just have to prepare,accept responsibility,care enough/much more even and know the consequences of your actions. I'd love to have a professor just like Dr. Hyde he's the type that would kept me awake,interested and patient enough to listened to every single word he said.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Squash attack!

Have you guys tried some acorn squash? I brought some the other day made some soup like my Grandfather used to cook sorry it's one of those top secret family recipe ;)) anyway, I was about to throw these seeds in the trash bin but I was like oh wait let me just wash them first dry them out then plant them instead.And so I air dry them late at night I ended up opening some they are so good! I asked others to try them Aunt Finy told me to toast it for a couple of minutes I was kinda hesitant at first but I'm so excited so I was like wth! why not? lol :)) the brown ones are the burnt seeds they don't taste as good as the other though these are so fresh and organic it's totally and without a doubt organic I feel so earth friendly doing this XD we ate every part of the squash well..minus the skin and some strands but yeah this is so awesome! I know this squash trick sorta business thing going on before but this is the first time I really tried to toast them and see for myself it it's real and boy let me tell you you gotta try this!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I got these wonderful flowers for Valentine's day Ate Joy gave them to me what a wonderful surprise! she's so nice :D and I know exactly what to give her for white day XD each flower is wrap in some sort of a tool like fabric you have to take them out one by one so they'll bloom exactly like these they also came with plant food  I didn't know plants got these food things going on too nyaha! just about a liter or about half the vase per plant food (quick estimate) the good news is these flowers are still alive!  lol :)) I just recently changed the water and added some plant food hoorah!
I didn't have much time to go around in such a heart filled day though I got this hearty dress for such occasion but was nice so what did you guys do for V-day?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein | Book Review

Category: Children Picture books
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 64
Published: October 7th 1964 by HarperCollins (first published 1964)
ISBN: 0060256656 (ISBN13: 9780060256654)
Language: English
About the book:This is a tender story, touched with sadness, aglow with consolation. Shel Silverstein has created a moving parable for readers of all ages that offers an affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return.(more)

My Review: 5 stars

It's sad,moving,touching and a very heart warming story about a tree who would give it all away for love and affection...heart breaking in a way because of such truth that made me slap myself and so I'd like others to open their eyes/slap themselves to wake up in such a dreadful nightmare in their life to see things clearly for this scenario happens in real life every single day and that sometimes we took things no matter how big or small for granted without us even knowing it so I'd advise all of you to read it, give it as a gift! purchase it! it's a short fast read and let this story be a lesson to us all ^_^

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day: Its True Origin

As the “holiday for lovers” approaches, many begin to think about what they will purchase for their significant other. Pressured by flashy advertisements, men scurry through malls looking for the perfect diamond bracelet or bottle of perfume, while women peruse designer colognes or articles of clothing. Mothers and fathers even participate, encouraging their young children to buy cards to exchange with those they have a “crush” on. Chocolate, candy and flowers are often also among these popular gifts.

In the search to find the perfect way to show their affection, most never ponder the true origin of this holiday. Valentine’s Day traces its roots to the ancient Roman pagan feast day Lupercalia, which was celebrated on February 15 to honor Lupercus, the god of fertility and husbandry. He was believed to be a mighty hunter who protected the Romans and livestock from wolves.

The day before the festival in Lupercus’ honor, Feb. 14, teen-aged girls would write their names on small pieces of paper called billets, and drop them into a container. Adolescent boys would then randomly choose from it the name of a young girl, and the two would become a couple for the day, engaging in erotic games at parties celebrated throughout Rome. For the rest of the year, they would remain sexual partners.

Also, the Luperci (male priests) would run about Rome, clothed in loincloths made from sacrificed goats and smeared in their blood, striking women with februa, thongs made from skins of the sacrificed goats. The Luperci believed the floggings purified women and guaranteed their fertility and ease of childbirth. February derives from februa or “means of purification.” To the Romans, February was also sacred to Juno Februata, the goddess of febris (“fever”) of love, and of women and marriage.

These customs were observed in the Roman Empire for centuries.

In A.D. 494, Pope Gelasius renamed the festival of Juno Februata as the “Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary.” The date of its observance was later changed from February 14 to February 2, then changed back to the 14. It is also known as Candlemas, the Presentation of the Lord, the Purification of the Blessed Virgin and the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

After Emperor Constantine had made the Roman church’s brand of Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire (A.D. 325), church leaders wanted to do away with the pagan festivals. Lupercalia was high on their list, but the Roman citizens thought otherwise.

Powerless to get rid of Lupercalia, Pope Gelasius instead changed it from Feb. 15 to the 14th and called it St. Valentine’s Day.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in early martyrologies under the date of 14 February. One is described as a priest at Rome, another as bishop of Interamna (modern Terni), and these two seem both to have suffered in the second half of the third century and to have been buried on the Flaminian Way, but at different distances from the city…Of the third Saint Valentine, who suffered in Africa with a number of companions, nothing is further known.”

Several biographies of different men named Valentine were merged into one official “St. Valentine.” The name comes from the Latin Valentinus, which derives fromvalens—“to be strong, powerful, mighty.”

The Bible describes a man with a similar title: “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord” (Gen. 10:8-9). Nimrod hunted with a bow and arrow.

To the Greeks, from whom the Romans had copied most of their mythology, Lupercus was known as Pan, the god of light. The Phoenicians worshipped the same deity as Baal, the sun god. Baal was one of many names or titles for Nimrod, a mighty hunter, especially of wolves. He was also the founder and first lord of Babel (Gen. 10:10-12). Defying God, Nimrod was the originator of the Babylonian Mystery Religion, whose mythologies have been copied by the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans and a multitude of other ancient peoples. Under different names or titles—Pan, Lupercus, Saturn, Osiris—Nimrod is the strong man and hunter-warrior god of the ancients.

But what does this have to do with us today? Why should we be concerned with what happened in the past?

Here is what God, the Creator, tells humanity regarding the origin of worldly holidays and traditions: “Learn not the way of the heathen…for the customs of the people are vain” (Jer. 10:2-3). Those who engage in idolatrous worship, God calls heathen.

Throughout the Bible, God describes “heathens” as those who worship things that He had created (animals, the sun, the moon, stars, trees, etc.), or man-made idols, or anything but the one true God. He calls such people and their practices “pagan.”

Practicing pagan traditions and customs is serious in God’s eyes. When He delivered the 12 tribes of Israel from Egypt, He warned, “After the doing of the land of Egypt, wherein you dwelt, shall you not do: and after the doing of the land of Canaan, where I bring you, shall you not do: neither shall you walk in their ordinances” (Lev. 18:3).

God also commanded the Israelites not to practice the idolatrous customs of the nations nearby: “Therefore shall you keep My ordinance, that you commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that you defile not yourselves therein: I am the Lord your God” (vs. 30).

Clearly, God does not condone such pagan customs—but is it possible to “whitewash” or “Christianize” pagan practices and make them clean? Is it okay to practice these as long as you “worship God”?

The church at Rome attempted this. Regarding Valentine’s Day, instead of putting the names of girls into a box, both boys and girls drew the names of “saints.” It was then each child’s duty to emulate the life of the saint he or she had drawn. This was Rome’s vain attempt to Christianize a pagan observance—even though God never gave man the power or authority to do this. Though the church had banned the sexual lottery, young men continued practicing a much toned-down version, sending women whom they desired handwritten romantic messages containing St. Valentine’s name.

Today, Lupercalia is alive and well, but with a different name: Valentine’s Day. Our article “The Truth Behind St. Valentine’s Day” offers greater historical detail and explains how God views this and other worldly holidays.

Read more about the Article here

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Valentine's Day in Japan

So what it's like to celebrate valentines day in Japan? I don't really know myself since I haven't been there so long but I really like their tradition to celebrate such a fabulous day ^_^ perhaps there's lots of terminologies(like V-day,Vitter(bitter)day [for Valentine's day haters],different concepts,sales talk going on all about chocolate how to make them,package them etc. but I think ideally you should make your own homemade chocolate giveaways there's love and effort to it (for more personal love one approach)

According to this article: "The most popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day is chocolate, and there are two very different types. Giri-choco is bought for friends, co-workers or other men a lady likes but is not involved with romantically. Usually this is store bought chocolate. Hon-mei is chocolate given to someone very special, and is usually prepared by the girls themselves. "

Oh and there's this day for men to return some chocolate favors to women as well  it's called "White day" it's celebrated every March 14th just a month after Valentines day isn't that just so nice,sweet and romantic? XD

I'd like to do and experience those I'm definitely going to JAPAN! BANZAI! ^_^v

Read the rest of the article  How does the world celebrate valentine's day 

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Madeline (Madeline #1) by Ludwig Bemelmans | Book Review

Category: Children's Picture book
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 64
Published: January 19th 1996 by Scholastic Hippo (first published 1939)
ISBN: 0590133373 (ISBN13: 9780590133371)
Language: English
About the book:
Madeline is one of the best-loved characters in children's literature. Set in picturesque Paris, this tale of a brave little girl's trip to the hospital was a Caldecott Honor Book in 1940 and has as much appeal today as it did then. (more)

My Review: 4 stars
Well I personally like this book (who doesn't?!) the cartoons and real life movie adaptation are a keeper. I came across and started reading this book again after watching Anthony Burdain's show then I had multiple flashbacks lol ;)) this book is a total classic! the illustrations are so cute and the dialogues are simple to understand everyone should definitely read and expose themselves to the works of Ludwig Bemelmans! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins | Book Review

Category: Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopia
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 374
Published: October 1st 2008 by Scholastic Inc. (first published January 1st 2008)
ISBN: 0439023483 (ISBN13: 9780439023481)
Language: English
About the book:
In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. (more)

My Review: 2 stars

There are some parts of the book that reminded me of Hunter X Hunter (when Gon and the others are on the island thinking of an effective strategy how to take each other out,get the badge in order to move on the next round).Though the Hunger games is totally different the arena and gamemakers got all sorts of twist each one makes it more unique,believable almost possible in a way it's so engaging! The emotions,hierarchy,training,televised shows,hunting or be haunted,the food!,battle of survival,star crossed lover effect oh dear I love Peeta! he's a baker,funny,kind,generous almost all the traits you'll adore in a boy.After reading this book I totally understood what the fuss is all about,how thrilling,exciting,overwhelmingly awesome this would be on the big screen.There are also some points that I could somehow predict what's going to happen next like okay that's it but yeah every single time it somewhat throws me off.It's so real that I can't help but catch my breath,cheer on the characters,despise other disctrict's villainy plot in the end all is well hooray!well at least for now two here I come!

Official Hunger Games Movie Trailer

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Happy Birthday Ate Genn!

*Disclaimer : I do not own this photo all rights reserved to MissGennD *

Happy Birthday to my beloved Godmother (she hates the word ''Ninang" so I used the english word that got a nice ring to it ;) she's more likely one of those fairy Godmothers but so much real and alive in reality that would enter your life stream then change the course of your life forever!no kidding yes!there is such person :O yes way!) Ate Genn thank you so much for everything you taught me a lot of things in life like...being a girl and such lol :)) it's true! I totally and honestly confessed without you being part of my life perhaps I won't be able to experience such glorious events like Flores de Mayo (one of many festivities that goes around all over Philippines I'd definitely without a doubt pass on that one if it wasn't for our inside jokes and craze that time plus my mom's dream),Prom (as I recall our mall hunting skills paid off that gown was sure hard to find!),I'd be totally lame during mufti day (a certain day of the month per semester during my high school days were we'd be able to dress up according to a specific theme or suffer thy consequences! lol not really all you have to do is pay up about P10 to 20) in which I'm all prepped and glammed up thanks to you! and remember the time  I was chosen as a representative of my class? by jove! I never thought I'd be able to do that myself many thanks to you and Ate Candy who showed up yey! right on schedule moving on...I'd have crappy school projects and portfolios if it wasn't for your awesome skills,I won't be able to explore and discover the wonders of divisoria and quiapo,play real dress up and know the dos and don'ts of the discount game that would be a total miss and of course thy mall would inflict such boredom and horror pwahaha!,the value and lesson learned through hoarding lol :)) scrapbooking,shopping,badminton and The Sims as a bliss truly thanks to you I'm now able to appreciate life in various and littlest forms,the recipes,books,all sorts of craziness we've shared oh boy! I miss those good old days I love it when you doodled my diary splashed some colors and creativity here and there,played with my hair,color my face and transform my usual self by means of utilizing the power and magic of cosmetics,shape my eyebrows in which you referred as a "Jungle",snap gazillions of photos per minute (in which I never thought possible :))),taught me how to dance (EPIC FAIL! nyaha! I'm that left footed of a person) and blogging of course! we created a new world  and group only us could understand ah such joy! as much as I want to blab every little detail of life we spent together I know for sure you of all people know that plus you got way better memory as far as I know lol :)) I wish you all the best! have a fabulous and grand day!

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Project tell Taylor

Come and join Project tell Taylor, Michelle Madow author of this beautiful book Remembrance  would like Taylor Swift to know how her Love story video inspired her to write this novel.
gorgeous cover XD
the next question that will pop into your mind would have to be how will I be able to join this brilliant idea of a contest? well say no more! play,watch and listen to Michelle Madow as she talk about this fantastic giveaway...

I love and totally adore Taylor Swift I hope and pray she'll remain true to herself and never let the limelight get to her...she's truly a great role mode and a phenomenal woman! hands down!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Post of the Year: 2012

I'm back! woohoo!how are you guys?I'm sorry I know it's been a while anyway things are getting quite interesting around lately and to be honest I dunno where to begin lol :)) I've been lets just say...rather busy plus with the cough,cold and fatigue ultimate combo I'm fighting for days now so yeah a bit tied up but I'm doing fine.Ok for this year I'm planning on reading a couple of book series mainly YA(young adult) or any sort of book I could get my hands on during my free time.The road ahead is gonna bumpy I'll try to update things once in a while I got quite a lot of book reviews I need to post and such let the blabbing begin!

Just around the neighborhood I managed to roam and stroll on a look out for some crazy people only to find out I'm the only crazy tourist out,I scavenged at the same time enjoyed people watching,bookstore galore and so on..speaking of which I love books-a-million their clearance items are so great! check it out sometime soon it's amazing! you can definitely score some great finds there their hardbacks prices are definitely a steal!you don't want to miss that ^_^

Last year,I had a very different yet nice mini celebration what a blast I had a lot of fun,adrenaline rush,creativity flowed and kicked in somehow doing things solo lol :)) I spent some benjamins and bought handful of stuff that kept me company and for others to enjoy as well...I'm a happy camper.Everyone's so nice I often wondered if it's just the spirit of the season lol :))

New Year's Resolution
I kinda miss making essays and papers about this and like how I spent my Christmas and so on but anyway I thought about this so perhaps a better lifestyle and yet I started eating all these fast food and ate loads of junks since I'm into this try everything mode before to find out what's new.I found Maxiemagyx vlog pretty much relateable and up to date to what I'm feeling watch her so you know what I'm talking about...

I managed to forge a reply to her channel told her she's totally right on and that I'm into this Just for fun reading challenge for's not that I don't read for fun/leisure but that's just what basically it is I joined for the knack of it since I enjoyed reading why not join in and accept the challenge? lol :)) 

I missed blog hopping and entering all these fun,amazing and awesome contest/giveaways these past couple of months...And so the moment I found out about this I was like this moment I've been waiting for!I read nothing but great things about her works I'd like to experience,unravel and dive into her novels so I'm pretty much looking forward in reading her books I'm so excited! XD

The Sweet V-Day Giveaway! by Lauren Oliver is absolutely without a doubt overly fantastic! 

so what are you guys waiting for?click the link come and join the fun! ;))