Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day in Japan

So what it's like to celebrate valentines day in Japan? I don't really know myself since I haven't been there so long but I really like their tradition to celebrate such a fabulous day ^_^ perhaps there's lots of terminologies(like V-day,Vitter(bitter)day [for Valentine's day haters],different concepts,sales talk going on all about chocolate how to make them,package them etc. but I think ideally you should make your own homemade chocolate giveaways there's love and effort to it (for more personal love one approach)

According to this article: "The most popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day is chocolate, and there are two very different types. Giri-choco is bought for friends, co-workers or other men a lady likes but is not involved with romantically. Usually this is store bought chocolate. Hon-mei is chocolate given to someone very special, and is usually prepared by the girls themselves. "

Oh and there's this day for men to return some chocolate favors to women as well  it's called "White day" it's celebrated every March 14th just a month after Valentines day isn't that just so nice,sweet and romantic? XD

I'd like to do and experience those I'm definitely going to JAPAN! BANZAI! ^_^v

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  1. wow i never knew there was a white day. that's cool! haha! Japan is one of my fave countries, dreaming i can visit someday!