Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Ate Genn!

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Happy Birthday to my beloved Godmother (she hates the word ''Ninang" so I used the english word that got a nice ring to it ;) she's more likely one of those fairy Godmothers but so much real and alive in reality that would enter your life stream then change the course of your life forever!no kidding yes!there is such person :O yes way!) Ate Genn thank you so much for everything you taught me a lot of things in life like...being a girl and such lol :)) it's true! I totally and honestly confessed without you being part of my life perhaps I won't be able to experience such glorious events like Flores de Mayo (one of many festivities that goes around all over Philippines I'd definitely without a doubt pass on that one if it wasn't for our inside jokes and craze that time plus my mom's dream),Prom (as I recall our mall hunting skills paid off that gown was sure hard to find!),I'd be totally lame during mufti day (a certain day of the month per semester during my high school days were we'd be able to dress up according to a specific theme or suffer thy consequences! lol not really all you have to do is pay up about P10 to 20) in which I'm all prepped and glammed up thanks to you! and remember the time  I was chosen as a representative of my class? by jove! I never thought I'd be able to do that myself many thanks to you and Ate Candy who showed up yey! right on schedule moving on...I'd have crappy school projects and portfolios if it wasn't for your awesome skills,I won't be able to explore and discover the wonders of divisoria and quiapo,play real dress up and know the dos and don'ts of the discount game that would be a total miss and of course thy mall would inflict such boredom and horror pwahaha!,the value and lesson learned through hoarding lol :)) scrapbooking,shopping,badminton and The Sims as a bliss truly thanks to you I'm now able to appreciate life in various and littlest forms,the recipes,books,all sorts of craziness we've shared oh boy! I miss those good old days I love it when you doodled my diary splashed some colors and creativity here and there,played with my hair,color my face and transform my usual self by means of utilizing the power and magic of cosmetics,shape my eyebrows in which you referred as a "Jungle",snap gazillions of photos per minute (in which I never thought possible :))),taught me how to dance (EPIC FAIL! nyaha! I'm that left footed of a person) and blogging of course! we created a new world  and group only us could understand ah such joy! as much as I want to blab every little detail of life we spent together I know for sure you of all people know that plus you got way better memory as far as I know lol :)) I wish you all the best! have a fabulous and grand day!

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  1. My dear Godchild, ( sounds like a fairytale eh?) i'm sorry i've been MIA for the longest time. School ate me alive! Lols! Nah been real busy with my katamaran and chores... Thank you for remembering my birthday~ and u know all those mem'ries will forever be cherished and kept in my itsy bisty bikini oh crap i mean heart~ IMY and I'll see u soon!