Monday, October 31, 2011


Ha! indeed it's been a while I'm kinda busy lately and I haven't post any of my reviews yet so anyway Happy Halloween guys! people here are so crazy over halloween there's lots of things going on the whole week (cramming mode? lol :)) My favorite All Saints and All Souls day memories is whenever we go to the province visit cemeteries,pray,light candles,eat loads of goodies,steady bum mode then we'll go collect some melted candle wax to create a very cool works of art then sell it per pound/kilo for a couple of bucks to wax vendors so we'll buy more stuffs we like oh good times ^_^ but of course there's lots of changes so yeah we're celebrating a bit peacefully this year I highly doubt that there will be people roaming around in this type of suburban neighborhood especially since it's been raining cats and dogs lately so it's like treat or die! kinda thing I'm just kidding lol :)))

In other news, I just joined a contest that's why I'm also creating a what book I'm grateful about post and I must say I'm grateful about a lot of things in my life especially books it's like one of my ultimate luxury items but if I have to pick one book right now I'd say The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky I just recently finished that book and it's so awesome! Hands down!

My Friend Redstarpixiedust ^_~ gave me a copy and I'm so thankful for that (thanks again ^_^v) Oh and don't forget to vote for her at tumblr read my post about it here.Moving on...this book has been in my TBR GR pile for quite some time,its been recommended loads of times and finally I got a chance to read it hooray! I love it because I can totally relate to all the characters it's one of those did this done that moments for me minus some of the vices but their experiences are so real that's indeed happening to a lot of kids these days but in this story I'm really impress with Charlie he's very sweet and nice,handled a lot of these things quite maturely for his age ugh the innocence! instant nostalgia!so yeah hopefully I'll be able to post my review about it here soon. 

Join the fun as well click here 

but wait there's more!this one is another giveaway from all these blogs stated on the button below

click here to learn more it's the last day so GO! GO! GO!

And of course MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS! I love horror flicks especially this time of the year foreign/asian kinds are the best like japanese, thai. & korean they scare the hell out of me maybe because of the language barrier plus the way they act so amazing! how they deliver such a message to the viewers I'm a bit of a scaredy cat pwahaha! I'll have to watch something funny afterwards or else those thoughts will haunt me for so long coz whenever I watched something it's like a marathon yup that long :)) so here are some of the movie list in no particular order(feels like the lotto ;))

I watched them with english subtitles (movie reading-watching nyaha :))

Art of the Devil I,II & III (thai)

Shutter(original,thai version)

The Ring (japanese)

Dark Water(japanese)

The Grudge(Japanese)

The Wig (korean)

The Red shoes (korean)

these are in english :D
Interview with the Vampire


The Craft

Practical Magic 

Hocus pocus

The Witches

The Frighteners

Resident Evil (zombies and nemesis OMG!)


My movie list is like a bottomless pit I just love love love movies who doesn't right?so yes that's some of them check those out in case you haven't yet and always keep in mind the ZOMBIELAND RULES (watch some of it below)  I got to prepare for the upcoming wave of spooktivitist (just in case) ciao for now! ^_~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On a hunt for Plastic cover! and other stories

Ever since I migrated I still got a lot of queries & not really road equip. so there are times I'm a bit lost but at least now I know how to get home lol :))

So the other day I went out to deliver some goods for family friends, we had a lot of fun,chit chat and all that since I'm out anyway I was like oh let me check out some stuff on the stores and see if I could get a couple of merchandise which are plastic cover,nintendo DS games etc..

and so my hunt began first stop : Office max..after a couple of minutes of searching asking some clerks I got one but the one I got was a 3 pack I just googled this image for I already throw out mine I didn't take a picture anyway it looks like this.The moment I got home I tried it OMG! it's a FAIL! the plastic was not good it's like one of those when you bought a new book then you'll just rip it off it's so thin plus I dunno this doesn't work out for me :/ totally not worth my money such a hassle coz you need to have a blow dryer and so I tried it but it has no effect what so ever its just a bummer!

Second stop was Staples I asked a sales representative/store clerk right away coz it's like I'm speaking some alien language looking for a never heard merchandise lol :))  he found one but not the product I'm looking for...the plastic cover they got has like adhesive all over just like a sticker yikes...I don't want anything like that in my book! that would damaged it over time especially if it was peeled off OMG! :O

Third stop yes can you believe it? third ugh...Best buy(where I came from the items labeled as best buy are like the cheapest and more likely school supplies) but here its like all tech. exclusives overload madness :)) I looked for a game called tamagotchi for a nintendo DS at first I said something with circuit city on it but I'm not really sure so I just said try searching for any on store games they got under tamagotchi...viola! the search engine works but all they have are pre-owned which means...ONLINE! ugh but what I want was the one I could actually buy on the store without using any credit cards ( I hate using magic/credit cards I could imagine loan sharks alert!) so still a FAIL!

Fourth and final stop was Jo-anns..went to the crafts area etc still no plastic covers just laminated stuffs -_- the store's so busy,the checkout lane is so jampack I'm quite shy to even bother the clerks,I asked a couple of random available clerks on stand by I even asked a wrong lady and I was like oops I'm so sorry just continue what you're doing good job! she worked on a different area/department so yeah...awkward.Then I just went to the cashier since the other clerks are like go bother them! lol :)) 

common denominator: all they have and know are elastic cloth like book covers  ugh -_-

I even called the libraries(which was actually my first choice but quite forgot to stop by along the way) some got a couple of good ideas but a lot have you know I already checked it out,I also tried customer service(which also rely on online search engines in their stores) into which I already check out but you know oh well they might know it better than me but nah...turns out a lot of the merchadise I want was only sold online internalizing that thought I was like what if I don't have a credit card?all sorts of ideas was rushing into me lol and the bookstores OMG! it's quite funny actually they sell covers/protectors for their ereaders but none to cover most of their book merchandise maybe cloth like elastic covers but what about clear/opaque old school type of plastic covers just like in the old days lol such rants and dilemmas oh boy :)))

so I guess the only solution is to order it online anywhere really but I really like they got a lot of supplies plus their product description is amazing! great selections ^_^ maybe I'll try some online purchases some time :)))

how about you guys?do you know any stores that has/sell plastic book covers?any store recommendations?

Other stories:

First thing I noticed around here is that there's not a lot of bakeries who make/customize cakes or any type of pastries and I just got my answers some time way back and that's because the bakeshop within the groceries make some really awesome delicious delicacies (for most parts).Publix,Perkins and Bucca got the most delicious tasting cakes (so far)

Second, the mangoes ugh...the mangoes around here are no good at all -_- which only has one variety : APPLE MANGO (no offense to apple mango lovers) its just that this made me miss my hometown even more because we got indian mangoes,carabao mangoes all sorts and  the best varieties and export quality goods like dried mangoes and of course the cakes with mango toppings on it like Mango cake,Mango bravo and the like...the Mango bravo I haven't tasted that yet coz that was made after I left ugh I know so sad but I saw it was so enormous or was it just in the picture? lol :))

Third was assortments of boutiques,fast food chains what else?I really like the structures and colors of the buidings around here it's so big,some made out of bricks,some cements,mix types just like the ones on the weeds show intro. little boxes ^_^v

enjoy the clip ^_~

hopefully more stories soon lol :))

Saturday, October 15, 2011

For the fallen

I don't want to forget this feeling
you're highly intoxicating
I can't get enough of you
to a point my body's failing on its queue

was it your smell?
your touch?
or your overall presence?
my world seems to tilt upon its absence

it's overwhelming!a very complicated emotion
often left unspoken
for it might ruin everything
that are not meant to be broken

unable to explain for you to understand
I'm merely hoping
you'll feel it,want it
like I am.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

Friday, October 14, 2011


I saw you
it felt like home
nostalgia hits me
stronger and potent as it could ever be

It all started in a game we played
we enjoyed, we were kids
you're quite familiar
or so I thought

We must have met before in another life or world?
that  began a friendship
a bond that could last
I don't know for how long

You opened my eyes, unlocked my doors
even smashed thru my defensive walls
I'm completely exposed
undeniably feeble

It was funny
coz  I was thinking
why show me such joy,warmth, 
kindness and hospitality?

I doubt for a while
played along 
heck! could be fun
but I wondered until when? and what for?

You melt my heart
took it away
your caress,a remembrance 
a time we commemorate

We made a world
only us could understand
others didn't matter
life goes on

I don't want it to end
you're too good to be true
I'd like us to meet one day
where we used to

It's only a matter of when
I trust you 
I'll be patient
it's worth the wait

A promise and fate foretold
we're both completely different
but in some ways the same
I hope it's good enough for us to remain.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Whenever I came across your name
it made me smile
the whole world seems better
well at least for a little while

Along the corridor
I walked and hastened
hoping to catch a glimpse of you
while you're waiting

a drastic move
we tend to escape
it went on for a little while
our long stride and secret handshake

it was fun,exciting
never been better
I know it was you all along
my now and forever

we discussed our plans,dreams,hope, aspirations
on our sweet little rendezvous
we talked and stayed til dawn together
it was short lived, for we have to go back
something's not right
though everything fits so perfectly
until one night

it all came crashing down
a hoax revealed
now you and I don't exist anymore
it's time for us to  part our ways 
let's cut the chase

I've been deceived but I was never a fool
we know what we felt are real
I was hoping you'll agree
and continue your life with me

and so there I was
left alone standing
I cried til I bleed
how miserable 

but then you shook me
I was alive once more
you asked me why I'm crying
now I'm completely tore

our slumber was cut short
but I'm glad the nightmare's over
for its mad and devastating
that changed my life forever
coz I can't imagine a better life
than with you my dearest beloved knight.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


"Why hello there dear old do you do?" he asked
"Hi I'm good how are you?" 
it was a nice conversation starter

We bumped and saw each other
a mere coincidence perhaps?
I'm surprise that I could even talk
managed to forge a reply,recovered
I asked you back

hoping you won't notice all these lies
in fact you know how I've been
after all these years
sarcastically speaking
all is well as I was thinking

we're at the crossroad 
we did this, done that
this is where we used to pick and hold each other up
for as long as I could remember

but its just wasn't there anymore
the sparks are all gone
yet I'm still completely blown away
I simply just can't go back 
as we were yesterday

we reminisce
laughed ever so foolishly
ate and drank our hearts out
acted all safe, played it cool 
you even thought it was great
but it wasn't enough

in our minds and hearts
we know the real deal and score
its just not working out
not the same way as before

in a mask we wore in front of our family and friends
congrats!well played like a pro
but we're dying from within
can't you feel it?
it was hard, stings to the core

but it was nice meeting you again
you schmuck!
you're a bit different unlike before
the party's over, we part ways 
we bid and kissed each other goodbye
I snapped and pulled myself together
for I was wondering in a dazed

since it might be just another surreal dream
an unforeseen attack
a very unfortunate event
I'd rather skip and lack
I don't dare to repeat

but you came back
as you always did
I can't take you no longer
for I'm not the same person you seek

we made our choice
a pact we thought that could last forever
but it was broken 
in a series and chapter

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I feel high,light yet grounded as I ever could be
it all came rushing back into me
like a flood with no end,my eyes bloodshot

defying physics
gushing winds
horrifying roaring thunders
ideas struck me like lightning

out of inspiration
I always still chose to go forward
for that's the only path visible
I don't dare hold back

I'd still prefer a fairytale ending
happily ever after
but not today so it seems
since it's all been hay wire,a conspiracy and a lie!

I hope and pray
everything will be better as the days went by
for my faith is by far greater
no human mind can measure.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Yes, I'm doing this post to help my friend & to my own accord because that's what friends do they help each other! etc...

She entered a competition called Perfect Pin up Doll. This will end midnight 30 November 2011 (Sydney Australian Time).

so pretty please do help her win by liking/reblogging her photo..for those of you who are not familiar with tumblr creating an account is easy all you have to do is go to and sign-up viola! don't forget to copy and paste this link click the heart & the reblog button on the upper right corner ^_^

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