Monday, October 31, 2011


Ha! indeed it's been a while I'm kinda busy lately and I haven't post any of my reviews yet so anyway Happy Halloween guys! people here are so crazy over halloween there's lots of things going on the whole week (cramming mode? lol :)) My favorite All Saints and All Souls day memories is whenever we go to the province visit cemeteries,pray,light candles,eat loads of goodies,steady bum mode then we'll go collect some melted candle wax to create a very cool works of art then sell it per pound/kilo for a couple of bucks to wax vendors so we'll buy more stuffs we like oh good times ^_^ but of course there's lots of changes so yeah we're celebrating a bit peacefully this year I highly doubt that there will be people roaming around in this type of suburban neighborhood especially since it's been raining cats and dogs lately so it's like treat or die! kinda thing I'm just kidding lol :)))

In other news, I just joined a contest that's why I'm also creating a what book I'm grateful about post and I must say I'm grateful about a lot of things in my life especially books it's like one of my ultimate luxury items but if I have to pick one book right now I'd say The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky I just recently finished that book and it's so awesome! Hands down!

My Friend Redstarpixiedust ^_~ gave me a copy and I'm so thankful for that (thanks again ^_^v) Oh and don't forget to vote for her at tumblr read my post about it here.Moving on...this book has been in my TBR GR pile for quite some time,its been recommended loads of times and finally I got a chance to read it hooray! I love it because I can totally relate to all the characters it's one of those did this done that moments for me minus some of the vices but their experiences are so real that's indeed happening to a lot of kids these days but in this story I'm really impress with Charlie he's very sweet and nice,handled a lot of these things quite maturely for his age ugh the innocence! instant nostalgia!so yeah hopefully I'll be able to post my review about it here soon. 

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but wait there's more!this one is another giveaway from all these blogs stated on the button below

click here to learn more it's the last day so GO! GO! GO!

And of course MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS! I love horror flicks especially this time of the year foreign/asian kinds are the best like japanese, thai. & korean they scare the hell out of me maybe because of the language barrier plus the way they act so amazing! how they deliver such a message to the viewers I'm a bit of a scaredy cat pwahaha! I'll have to watch something funny afterwards or else those thoughts will haunt me for so long coz whenever I watched something it's like a marathon yup that long :)) so here are some of the movie list in no particular order(feels like the lotto ;))

I watched them with english subtitles (movie reading-watching nyaha :))

Art of the Devil I,II & III (thai)

Shutter(original,thai version)

The Ring (japanese)

Dark Water(japanese)

The Grudge(Japanese)

The Wig (korean)

The Red shoes (korean)

these are in english :D
Interview with the Vampire


The Craft

Practical Magic 

Hocus pocus

The Witches

The Frighteners

Resident Evil (zombies and nemesis OMG!)


My movie list is like a bottomless pit I just love love love movies who doesn't right?so yes that's some of them check those out in case you haven't yet and always keep in mind the ZOMBIELAND RULES (watch some of it below)  I got to prepare for the upcoming wave of spooktivitist (just in case) ciao for now! ^_~

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