Sunday, October 16, 2011

On a hunt for Plastic cover! and other stories

Ever since I migrated I still got a lot of queries & not really road equip. so there are times I'm a bit lost but at least now I know how to get home lol :))

So the other day I went out to deliver some goods for family friends, we had a lot of fun,chit chat and all that since I'm out anyway I was like oh let me check out some stuff on the stores and see if I could get a couple of merchandise which are plastic cover,nintendo DS games etc..

and so my hunt began first stop : Office max..after a couple of minutes of searching asking some clerks I got one but the one I got was a 3 pack I just googled this image for I already throw out mine I didn't take a picture anyway it looks like this.The moment I got home I tried it OMG! it's a FAIL! the plastic was not good it's like one of those when you bought a new book then you'll just rip it off it's so thin plus I dunno this doesn't work out for me :/ totally not worth my money such a hassle coz you need to have a blow dryer and so I tried it but it has no effect what so ever its just a bummer!

Second stop was Staples I asked a sales representative/store clerk right away coz it's like I'm speaking some alien language looking for a never heard merchandise lol :))  he found one but not the product I'm looking for...the plastic cover they got has like adhesive all over just like a sticker yikes...I don't want anything like that in my book! that would damaged it over time especially if it was peeled off OMG! :O

Third stop yes can you believe it? third ugh...Best buy(where I came from the items labeled as best buy are like the cheapest and more likely school supplies) but here its like all tech. exclusives overload madness :)) I looked for a game called tamagotchi for a nintendo DS at first I said something with circuit city on it but I'm not really sure so I just said try searching for any on store games they got under tamagotchi...viola! the search engine works but all they have are pre-owned which means...ONLINE! ugh but what I want was the one I could actually buy on the store without using any credit cards ( I hate using magic/credit cards I could imagine loan sharks alert!) so still a FAIL!

Fourth and final stop was Jo-anns..went to the crafts area etc still no plastic covers just laminated stuffs -_- the store's so busy,the checkout lane is so jampack I'm quite shy to even bother the clerks,I asked a couple of random available clerks on stand by I even asked a wrong lady and I was like oops I'm so sorry just continue what you're doing good job! she worked on a different area/department so yeah...awkward.Then I just went to the cashier since the other clerks are like go bother them! lol :)) 

common denominator: all they have and know are elastic cloth like book covers  ugh -_-

I even called the libraries(which was actually my first choice but quite forgot to stop by along the way) some got a couple of good ideas but a lot have you know I already checked it out,I also tried customer service(which also rely on online search engines in their stores) into which I already check out but you know oh well they might know it better than me but nah...turns out a lot of the merchadise I want was only sold online internalizing that thought I was like what if I don't have a credit card?all sorts of ideas was rushing into me lol and the bookstores OMG! it's quite funny actually they sell covers/protectors for their ereaders but none to cover most of their book merchandise maybe cloth like elastic covers but what about clear/opaque old school type of plastic covers just like in the old days lol such rants and dilemmas oh boy :)))

so I guess the only solution is to order it online anywhere really but I really like they got a lot of supplies plus their product description is amazing! great selections ^_^ maybe I'll try some online purchases some time :)))

how about you guys?do you know any stores that has/sell plastic book covers?any store recommendations?

Other stories:

First thing I noticed around here is that there's not a lot of bakeries who make/customize cakes or any type of pastries and I just got my answers some time way back and that's because the bakeshop within the groceries make some really awesome delicious delicacies (for most parts).Publix,Perkins and Bucca got the most delicious tasting cakes (so far)

Second, the mangoes ugh...the mangoes around here are no good at all -_- which only has one variety : APPLE MANGO (no offense to apple mango lovers) its just that this made me miss my hometown even more because we got indian mangoes,carabao mangoes all sorts and  the best varieties and export quality goods like dried mangoes and of course the cakes with mango toppings on it like Mango cake,Mango bravo and the like...the Mango bravo I haven't tasted that yet coz that was made after I left ugh I know so sad but I saw it was so enormous or was it just in the picture? lol :))

Third was assortments of boutiques,fast food chains what else?I really like the structures and colors of the buidings around here it's so big,some made out of bricks,some cements,mix types just like the ones on the weeds show intro. little boxes ^_^v

enjoy the clip ^_~

hopefully more stories soon lol :))


  1. I haven't found any useful book covers. I use a book bag... oh yea, a separate, totally cute, cross-strap, second purse. I carry a book for notes & lists & snippets, too, with lots of things to write with. Everywhere. I never know when I'll want to read while running errands. (I also carry bandaids in there, 'cause one of my Hooligans likes extras.)

    Thx for Following & entering my Giveaway!! I hopped over to check out your site and follow you back!

    Have a great Halloween!!! :-)

  2. Hi Kim, thanks for the Twitter follow. Bummer your shopping trip was unsuccessful. I looked at your review list and I haven't read one book on there! What kind of books do you like? Jen xx

  3. @Burgandy-That's really nice and cute thank you so much for stopping by ^_^

    @Jennifer-lol yeah quite a bummer oh check those books out it's good I like all sorts but I love classic,mysteries & graphic novels ^_~