Friday, October 14, 2011


I saw you
it felt like home
nostalgia hits me
stronger and potent as it could ever be

It all started in a game we played
we enjoyed, we were kids
you're quite familiar
or so I thought

We must have met before in another life or world?
that  began a friendship
a bond that could last
I don't know for how long

You opened my eyes, unlocked my doors
even smashed thru my defensive walls
I'm completely exposed
undeniably feeble

It was funny
coz  I was thinking
why show me such joy,warmth, 
kindness and hospitality?

I doubt for a while
played along 
heck! could be fun
but I wondered until when? and what for?

You melt my heart
took it away
your caress,a remembrance 
a time we commemorate

We made a world
only us could understand
others didn't matter
life goes on

I don't want it to end
you're too good to be true
I'd like us to meet one day
where we used to

It's only a matter of when
I trust you 
I'll be patient
it's worth the wait

A promise and fate foretold
we're both completely different
but in some ways the same
I hope it's good enough for us to remain.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

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