Thursday, October 13, 2011


Whenever I came across your name
it made me smile
the whole world seems better
well at least for a little while

Along the corridor
I walked and hastened
hoping to catch a glimpse of you
while you're waiting

a drastic move
we tend to escape
it went on for a little while
our long stride and secret handshake

it was fun,exciting
never been better
I know it was you all along
my now and forever

we discussed our plans,dreams,hope, aspirations
on our sweet little rendezvous
we talked and stayed til dawn together
it was short lived, for we have to go back
something's not right
though everything fits so perfectly
until one night

it all came crashing down
a hoax revealed
now you and I don't exist anymore
it's time for us to  part our ways 
let's cut the chase

I've been deceived but I was never a fool
we know what we felt are real
I was hoping you'll agree
and continue your life with me

and so there I was
left alone standing
I cried til I bleed
how miserable 

but then you shook me
I was alive once more
you asked me why I'm crying
now I'm completely tore

our slumber was cut short
but I'm glad the nightmare's over
for its mad and devastating
that changed my life forever
coz I can't imagine a better life
than with you my dearest beloved knight.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^


  1. cool poem like the phrases on the left side

  2. Thank you so much!I'm glad you dropped by ^_^