Saturday, April 20, 2013

Save Pet Society & Sims Social

I remember way back in the day when  Friendster isn't a game site I was curious what's the fuss about this new site called Facebook. Majority of my friends encouraged me to sign up but I declined many times but I changed my mind one day before lining up in the quadrangle in my school for the morning shift.A very good friend of mine since freshman year told me about this wonderful game Pet Society I was greatly enthralled with his stories along with other folks that joined and shared their experiences so after school I immediately signed up and it was really fun.I discovered a lot of things,customized everything,visited my pals frequently as if it's one of the basic see you after school activity.It became a part of my life.It was really awesome!

Then comes Sims Social I waited a very long time for it to be released.Even though there's quite a lot of lags the first time I still persist and pushed through heck this is like one of my favorite gameplay in playstation and now it's on facebook AMAZING! I'm so excited and glad a lot of my friends played and enjoyed the same thing.

And now after so many years I know it's been a while one of my best friend in the entire world told me that they will abolish it.I was devastated! so I went to check out a couple of forums and I really hope it's just a cruel joke like hey it's april don't take it seriously.


I'll miss everything about it.Thank you Playfish and EA GAMES [(challenge everything) but looks like you lose this time].I hope and pray you'll have a great comeback and perhaps release pet society on Playstation or XBOX.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Gu Family Book (Korean Drama)

Currently Airing: 2013
Language: Korean (with english sub)
Duration: 1 hour per episode
Story: Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) born from a human mother Yoon Seo-hwa (Lee Yeon-hee)  and deity father [(Gumiho)Gu Wol-ryung (Choi Jin-hyuk)] but wanting very much to become fully human, a male gumiho (fox with nine tails) Choi Kang Chi, tries his best to live a human life.

Watch the trailer: 

Meet the Characters:

Yoon Seo-hwa [(left)Lee Yeon-hee], her father  was framed accused for treason.She,her younger brother Yoon (Lee David) & Maid Dam (Kim Bo-mi) was then sent to a Gisaeng place wherein she'll be trained,learn how to serve,entertain & registered.

(Tid bits of Spoiler) As the story progress they learned who plotted the whole scheme.They plan to escape.Dam volunteered to replace Seo Hwa so they could avenge the family & clear the honor.While on the run Seo Hwa got injured then decided they have to split up for better chances of survival. She was then found by Gu Wol-ryung [(right)Choi Jin-hyuk] the first time he saw her tied up in the shame tree he'd like to help Seo Hwa but there's a lot at stake but now it's his duty to protect her and he can't help but fall in love with her being all alone & after 1000 years of waiting.He'd like to be human & grow old with her.

Gu Wol-ryung [(right)Choi Jin-hyuk], he's a gumiho(nine tailed fox),holy protector of the forest wherein no human can venture upon.

The first two episodes made me cry T_T and got me hooked! lots of backstories,so adorable,small sweet actions that's indeed heartwarming oh dear...Seo Hwa she's the character I love to hate with a passion! she's being irrational most of the time and full of herself but I can sometimes understand and try to emphatize with her.. So far my favorite is Wol Ryung he's so sweet and only wanted the happiness also to be with Seo Hwa as a human ,great guy,nice personality and strong kick ass character love (Seo Hwa) is his weakness...Now a new legend begins..these two youngsters Dam Yeo-wool [(left)Bae Suzy] master of martial arts & achery & Choi Kang-chi [(right)Lee Seung-gi] Seo hwa & Wol Ryung's son.

OMG! I'm so excited for this tv series XD
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Four (Movie Review)

THE FOUR: (Chinese)

Location: Hong Kong/China
Genre: Costume, fantasy,Supernatural, action
Language: Chinese (with english sub)
Release date: July 12,2012
Duration:  117 mins
Directed by Gordon Chan (陳嘉上), Janet Chun (秦小珍)

The Imperial Coin cast that used to mint coins was stolen.Department Six and the Divine Constabulary(secret investigatory department sanctioned by the royal prince) is working on the case.Even though the cast was recovered.Zhuge  Zhengwo[(Right picture)guy in the middle with a beard] the leader of the Divine Constabulary told his group the stolen cast case is not yet over.

Meet the Characters:
Zhuge Zhengwo (Anthony Wong), Leader of the Divine Constabulary,He also got amazing & lethal martial art skills.There are some parts of the story in which he might know something else much more than what it's intended than others.He's a really great guy that holds the group together, tries to unite & hire the best of the best. 

Yayu,  [(Emotionless)Crystal Liu Yi Fei,] she's a cripple mind reader also known for hidden secret weapons.She might not have a lot of dialogues but whenever she spoke oh man! definitely full of wisdom & meaning! she spoke of the truth of course and because of her powers she knows & use animals such as birds as a spy.Definitely a humble kickass female character her fight scenes are awesome! Especially near the end it was EPIC! her martial art skills is quite flawless inspite of her condition. I'll ship her & Leng Lingqi XD

Leng Lingqi (Deng Chao),suspended from his constable due to breach of duty,secretly works for Lord Liu.Leng was then hired and works under the Divine Constabulary.He has a lot of character conflicts,developments and tried to hide some of his wolf like instincts. He like Yayu but can't say it but he knows she knows it due to her powers.
Yaohua (Jiang Yiyan), Leader of a warrior girl group assigned to the fourth constable.She secretly works for Lord An Shigeng & love Leng Lingqi.Her trust and loyalty is somewhat unstable in some instances but was revealed in the end.
Lord An Shigeng (Wu Xiubo), the bastard that has a lot of hidden agendas (I don't wanna state it here for it will spoil a lot of stuff for you). I hate this guy which makes him a really good antagonist.

There's definitely lots of amazing characters in this story!

Cui Lueshang [(Left)Ronald Cheng],a professional debt collector,he knows the underground market well & loves his wine he said he stayed at the Divine Constabulary & continue to work there because of it plus other perks.

Tie Youxia [(Right)Collin Chou],
one of the great martial artist.I also call him Iron man/man with an Iron fist haha! look at his cool tattoos :O

Now that you finally know some tid bits about the characters and the story let me tell you my overall reaction and movie experience...OMG! it was amazingly awesome! (you might saw it coming though haha) well it was somewhat traditionally executed but I love it the very beginning,the opening scenes with the chinese flute like music background and the bird flying around it was smooth and what I'm totally expecting for a chinese film.

The fight scenes are gorgeous! I have no idea what this whole movie is about til I watched it and I love every second of it.There's high and low points between characters,lots of hidden plots and agendas being covered and uncovered.Quite a classic & a mood changer for me.One of the best chinese films I ever saw! They say it was based on a book,classic novel I'm definitely looking forward to read it.

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Make sure to watch the trailer:

I highly recommend this movie ^_^
Tell me in the comments below if you've seen it? or watched it,anything feel free to share your thoughts :)