Monday, April 15, 2013

Gu Family Book (Korean Drama)

Currently Airing: 2013
Language: Korean (with english sub)
Duration: 1 hour per episode
Story: Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) born from a human mother Yoon Seo-hwa (Lee Yeon-hee)  and deity father [(Gumiho)Gu Wol-ryung (Choi Jin-hyuk)] but wanting very much to become fully human, a male gumiho (fox with nine tails) Choi Kang Chi, tries his best to live a human life.

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Meet the Characters:

Yoon Seo-hwa [(left)Lee Yeon-hee], her father  was framed accused for treason.She,her younger brother Yoon (Lee David) & Maid Dam (Kim Bo-mi) was then sent to a Gisaeng place wherein she'll be trained,learn how to serve,entertain & registered.

(Tid bits of Spoiler) As the story progress they learned who plotted the whole scheme.They plan to escape.Dam volunteered to replace Seo Hwa so they could avenge the family & clear the honor.While on the run Seo Hwa got injured then decided they have to split up for better chances of survival. She was then found by Gu Wol-ryung [(right)Choi Jin-hyuk] the first time he saw her tied up in the shame tree he'd like to help Seo Hwa but there's a lot at stake but now it's his duty to protect her and he can't help but fall in love with her being all alone & after 1000 years of waiting.He'd like to be human & grow old with her.

Gu Wol-ryung [(right)Choi Jin-hyuk], he's a gumiho(nine tailed fox),holy protector of the forest wherein no human can venture upon.

The first two episodes made me cry T_T and got me hooked! lots of backstories,so adorable,small sweet actions that's indeed heartwarming oh dear...Seo Hwa she's the character I love to hate with a passion! she's being irrational most of the time and full of herself but I can sometimes understand and try to emphatize with her.. So far my favorite is Wol Ryung he's so sweet and only wanted the happiness also to be with Seo Hwa as a human ,great guy,nice personality and strong kick ass character love (Seo Hwa) is his weakness...Now a new legend begins..these two youngsters Dam Yeo-wool [(left)Bae Suzy] master of martial arts & achery & Choi Kang-chi [(right)Lee Seung-gi] Seo hwa & Wol Ryung's son.

OMG! I'm so excited for this tv series XD
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