Saturday, April 20, 2013

Save Pet Society & Sims Social

I remember way back in the day when  Friendster isn't a game site I was curious what's the fuss about this new site called Facebook. Majority of my friends encouraged me to sign up but I declined many times but I changed my mind one day before lining up in the quadrangle in my school for the morning shift.A very good friend of mine since freshman year told me about this wonderful game Pet Society I was greatly enthralled with his stories along with other folks that joined and shared their experiences so after school I immediately signed up and it was really fun.I discovered a lot of things,customized everything,visited my pals frequently as if it's one of the basic see you after school activity.It became a part of my life.It was really awesome!

Then comes Sims Social I waited a very long time for it to be released.Even though there's quite a lot of lags the first time I still persist and pushed through heck this is like one of my favorite gameplay in playstation and now it's on facebook AMAZING! I'm so excited and glad a lot of my friends played and enjoyed the same thing.

And now after so many years I know it's been a while one of my best friend in the entire world told me that they will abolish it.I was devastated! so I went to check out a couple of forums and I really hope it's just a cruel joke like hey it's april don't take it seriously.


I'll miss everything about it.Thank you Playfish and EA GAMES [(challenge everything) but looks like you lose this time].I hope and pray you'll have a great comeback and perhaps release pet society on Playstation or XBOX.

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