Thursday, May 2, 2013

Multiply tribute

R.I.P multiply(dot)com

I still can't believe it :O

I went to the site the day after it has been terminated (May 1,2013) and reborn.It was one of those sites I truly trust for they don't resize your pictures even after a couple of years.Although it was used majority by business folks I do admit and now it is.It looks more like amazon or ebay now with lots of trust worthy partners for easy payment & shipping perhaps.

So what is multiply?

for me way back in the day it was kind of a social media  [(time period: friendster was booming) just like facebook]

you can:

-create albums
-upload pictures 20 at a time (which is quite a bummer esp. if you have lots to share)
-post videos
-create your own tag
-tag people
-make your own business (sell merch and other stuff)
-customize everything (from header,background,font size,color you name it) (kinda like tumblr but no not really haha)

It was really nice.I know I need to work on my description but I don't have any picture of that old site nor layout to show you just this old logo I found.

Ugh didn't quite help..well all my pictures and stuff are long gone but I think I might have them stored in a cd somewhere.The interwebs these days.Part of the evolution process I guess.Ok time to resume to whatever it is I'm doing.Just a bit of commemoration .

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