Friday, May 10, 2013

Stumptown Volume 2 HC by Greg Rucka (Graphic Novel Review)

Source: NetGalley
Category: Mystery,Action,Music,Graphic Novel
Format:  ebook
Page Count: 138
Language: English
Publish Date: September 4,2013
ISBN: 9781934964897
About the book:
Dex Parios (Private Eye)  has finally opened her own office, and her first case is to find a rock star Mim Bracca's baby ( prized guitar) which disappeared after her band Tailhook's Portland show. (more)

My Review: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars 

I have no idea what this was about until I've read the description and it looks interesting so I requested a copy and got approved then got an ebook via Netgalley (Thanks guys). I haven't read Vol. 1 but that didn't stop me from reading vol. 2.And I think this is one of those graphic novels that you don't necessarily have to read the first one so you could understand the second one.I did not have any difficulty grasping the story or the character(s).

The story and characters are very realistic,human,had some short comings but it was very fast paced,some intense actions here and there.There's little character development.Lots of room for improvement.

It was a quick read, quite interesting but not enough to get me hooked and be obsess with it.I found the colors boring sometimes too dark,the contrast,schemes & backgrounds could have been better vibrant so it could define the boldness of every scenario (perhaps they're trying to go with a classic vibe) though I must say that the jump scene was pretty impressive but too movie cliche all that running could have been prevented if the other character isn't that careless which got me so irritated the story in circles with no leads ugh so frustrating but without that sort of dilemma we don't have a story to begin with so that's that.In the end it was sorta revealed in a cliff hanger and still under investigation who screwed up.The Bonus rocks but sucks big time truly a hassle that ruined the moment with Dex disappointed face.The D.E.A & Police could have handled it with more class and yes I agree with Dex "Respect".I like how Greg Rucka have this portion wherein he tried to fill in explain his favorite books,side of the story,very enlightening & informative ,what is stumptown & whereabouts that made me want to read more and discover what's next perhaps maybe read vol. 1 or vol 3 just so I could find the root of it all and see it all unfold.This is the first piece of work I've read by Greg Rucka so I'm not familiar with his style it was alright so-so like he said on part five he write bad mysteries solving the puzzle isn't the story the journey is.

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