Friday, May 3, 2013


Hi everyone! how you doin? :D

I just recently joined a Contiki contest: How far would you go to win a trip to Europe. And here's my entry

I'll use a razor to shave my head (depends what style you prefer or just basically go all out).This is gonna be Awesome and Epic! XD #NOREGRETS

So yeah...I haven't done this before.At first I was thinking I would dye my hair in every color possible then go bald but if I'm only gonna do one thing going bald would be quite drastic (I think) I mean hair is very important to everyone especially to girls (or is it just me? ;))) I hope you can support me in this endeavor  ^_^  click my picture and it will redirect you to the official page to vote for me or click here ^_~

You could also submit your own entry,join and dive in the fun! hover on the links to learn more about contiki,the contest.Etc!

Thanks,Enjoy & God bless!

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