Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Journal Writing

I like blogging and vlogging but I still adore writing on my journal its (in)convenient sometimes but its the easiest way to track things.Though there are times I prefer my livejournal due to its privacy (tags are quite handy too) coz my other stuff are just way too open I guess haha! but it's funny how I see these casual changes...through the years I'm really grateful I jot down such things it made me more conscious in a way I'm such a drone in life.I'm grateful to my old self for being so enthusiastic that I managed to list things that happened or what I'm happy about,always looking at the bright side of things.Also the doodles I'm always looking forward to that especially weird ones haha!

Now, I'm trying to write some things depends on my mood on what topic would be for the day of course but I'm still fond of drawing.My vocabulary sorta changed (somehow) but change is always good I welcome it.To more words and lessons I have yet to learn,memories to jot down,to more things in life and throughout life as I used to say \_/ \_/ cheers!

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