Wednesday, October 12, 2011


"Why hello there dear old do you do?" he asked
"Hi I'm good how are you?" 
it was a nice conversation starter

We bumped and saw each other
a mere coincidence perhaps?
I'm surprise that I could even talk
managed to forge a reply,recovered
I asked you back

hoping you won't notice all these lies
in fact you know how I've been
after all these years
sarcastically speaking
all is well as I was thinking

we're at the crossroad 
we did this, done that
this is where we used to pick and hold each other up
for as long as I could remember

but its just wasn't there anymore
the sparks are all gone
yet I'm still completely blown away
I simply just can't go back 
as we were yesterday

we reminisce
laughed ever so foolishly
ate and drank our hearts out
acted all safe, played it cool 
you even thought it was great
but it wasn't enough

in our minds and hearts
we know the real deal and score
its just not working out
not the same way as before

in a mask we wore in front of our family and friends
congrats!well played like a pro
but we're dying from within
can't you feel it?
it was hard, stings to the core

but it was nice meeting you again
you schmuck!
you're a bit different unlike before
the party's over, we part ways 
we bid and kissed each other goodbye
I snapped and pulled myself together
for I was wondering in a dazed

since it might be just another surreal dream
an unforeseen attack
a very unfortunate event
I'd rather skip and lack
I don't dare to repeat

but you came back
as you always did
I can't take you no longer
for I'm not the same person you seek

we made our choice
a pact we thought that could last forever
but it was broken 
in a series and chapter

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^