Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Post of the Year: 2012

I'm back! woohoo!how are you guys?I'm sorry I know it's been a while anyway things are getting quite interesting around lately and to be honest I dunno where to begin lol :)) I've been lets just say...rather busy plus with the cough,cold and fatigue ultimate combo I'm fighting for days now so yeah a bit tied up but I'm doing fine.Ok for this year I'm planning on reading a couple of book series mainly YA(young adult) or any sort of book I could get my hands on during my free time.The road ahead is gonna bumpy I'll try to update things once in a while I got quite a lot of book reviews I need to post and such let the blabbing begin!

Just around the neighborhood I managed to roam and stroll on a look out for some crazy people only to find out I'm the only crazy tourist out,I scavenged at the same time enjoyed people watching,bookstore galore and so on..speaking of which I love books-a-million their clearance items are so great! check it out sometime soon it's amazing! you can definitely score some great finds there their hardbacks prices are definitely a steal!you don't want to miss that ^_^

Last year,I had a very different yet nice mini celebration what a blast I had a lot of fun,adrenaline rush,creativity flowed and kicked in somehow doing things solo lol :)) I spent some benjamins and bought handful of stuff that kept me company and for others to enjoy as well...I'm a happy camper.Everyone's so nice I often wondered if it's just the spirit of the season lol :))

New Year's Resolution
I kinda miss making essays and papers about this and like how I spent my Christmas and so on but anyway I thought about this so perhaps a better lifestyle and yet I started eating all these fast food and ate loads of junks since I'm into this try everything mode before to find out what's new.I found Maxiemagyx vlog pretty much relateable and up to date to what I'm feeling watch her so you know what I'm talking about...

I managed to forge a reply to her channel told her she's totally right on and that I'm into this Just for fun reading challenge for's not that I don't read for fun/leisure but that's just what basically it is I joined for the knack of it since I enjoyed reading why not join in and accept the challenge? lol :)) 

I missed blog hopping and entering all these fun,amazing and awesome contest/giveaways these past couple of months...And so the moment I found out about this I was like this moment I've been waiting for!I read nothing but great things about her works I'd like to experience,unravel and dive into her novels so I'm pretty much looking forward in reading her books I'm so excited! XD

The Sweet V-Day Giveaway! by Lauren Oliver is absolutely without a doubt overly fantastic! 

so what are you guys waiting for?click the link come and join the fun! ;))