Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Squash attack!

Have you guys tried some acorn squash? I brought some the other day made some soup like my Grandfather used to cook sorry it's one of those top secret family recipe ;)) anyway, I was about to throw these seeds in the trash bin but I was like oh wait let me just wash them first dry them out then plant them instead.And so I air dry them late at night I ended up opening some they are so good! I asked others to try them Aunt Finy told me to toast it for a couple of minutes I was kinda hesitant at first but I'm so excited so I was like wth! why not? lol :)) the brown ones are the burnt seeds they don't taste as good as the other though these are so fresh and organic it's totally and without a doubt organic I feel so earth friendly doing this XD we ate every part of the squash well..minus the skin and some strands but yeah this is so awesome! I know this squash trick sorta business thing going on before but this is the first time I really tried to toast them and see for myself it it's real and boy let me tell you you gotta try this!

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