Friday, May 25, 2012

The World Poetry Movement:: Real or not real?

I received a mail.Inside contains a letter which states that I'm one of the semi finalist blah blah blah so on and so forth a chance to be one of the lucky winners and to be publish aha! attached to that are the contest rules and prizes,an empty envelope(in which you'll provide/buy your stamp) yeah it's not pre-paid :/ ,a copy of my poem a box to check to disclose copyright and artist profile if I'd like to post one, another brochure in which you'll enclose to the envelope if you'd like to order your own copy of the book with a solid promise of 100% return policy,Hardcover with the best paper mill that could last for generations.

So what's my problem? well to be honest with you I'm actually thrilled after reading all these good news but this thing sounds too good to be true I mean I saw a lot of entries some good, some bad and a lot of like and star ratings on the facebook page in which I thought my entry is done for, my chances are slim :| but then again I read this letter in which I'll admit kinda boosted my ego and embraced this writing ego of mine and I'm bother for everything looks and sounds legit but is it really? I searched far and wide people with mixed reviews about the whole thing some say it's bogus,a scam that's been there for so long that needs to be eradicated,some say even via youtube that they received a copy,saw their poem included in many poem anthologies,some say they never received any copy at all,it's too expensive for a book filled with amateur poets/writers these things made me think a lot and I dunno what to do at the moment lol so what do you think guys?

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