Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Finale

Why so many interlude,gimmicks and intermissions?

don't prolong our agony!

ugh -_-

Well of course we all know the answer on that one ;)
ok so that was my reaction before and then after the announcement I was like..

and like OMG!

 how you may ask? well Jessica Sanchez she's talented and the ever so classic contestant in a way that she dress and act the part like shy then BOOM! showed her alter ego on stage you see while Philip Phillips was one of those with a humble,patweetams (cutie),shy type, down to earth casual look even at the finale itself I mean like seriously? a simple polo shirt in a very almost once in a lifetime event wow! that's dedication right there folks! plus of course how can you be the next American Idol (AI) if you are not (pure) american [that was one joke my aunt told me such racist remarks I know haha], Jessica is a very obvious choice I think that's why Philip won plus of course the show rating itself besides the voting. We can't deny both their stage presence was like WOAH! : O

To be honest I only watched the beginning of the season like the crazy auditions,Top 10,Top 3 and the Finale itself I dunno why it's just the thrill of it all I thought Josh will win but he kinda like blew it overreacted during the top 3 and his song choice was just..let's just say not right, some are completely terrible! Philip on the other hand got away by means of charisma even though out of tune and melody he played it cool,chill,relax with a hommie indie vibe.While Jessica unleashed her superstar diva well to all of us they're all winners I mean it's just so hard to choose but america has voted and indeed it was a close fight a battle of vocal cords in which Philip Phillips won fair and square!

Congratulations Philip Phillips!
and to Jessica Sanchez as well good job!
that was some very spectacular show.

I had a mini celebration afterwards I ate some Ramen and orange slices (which accounts as a midnight snack though I don't really do those anymore but it's a special occasion so...yes that's my excuse haha!)

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