Thursday, May 3, 2012


So one day I've decided to cut off my hair but since I'm planning it to be short I went to the local hair clippers. I already had a portrait to show the stylist she then asked me the usual questions like What's the main reason I want to chop of my hair(easy, save water and shampoo),where I'm from,my plan for the day(in a good not so creepy way I simply replied around,perhaps checkout the bookstores) in which I asked her in return what's her favourite book,if any of those other authors or books she read any good,what's something good and fun around the area to be honest none actually same old same old she's stuck to the parlor nothing much to do around here anyway, since the shot only covers the front which shows minimal shortness she tried to look upon the book and showed me different styles and approach to the look I'm rooting for.

All I want is to try a pixie cut. Jagged edges,short but not to much layers just in line with my ears,Trim my bangs and for my back of my head to lighten up a bit. All that hair took me awhile to dry in some cases caused me headaches.

My new hairstyle was weird and awkward at first then I eventually started to like it.Now it's lighter and I love how it goes to the side.I feel different I look different change is good!

Side note:
I had quite a few hairstyles before and trust me the others are weirder haha! this picture features a short look not to jaggedy perhaps I'd go to a shorter look next time.

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