Friday, May 25, 2012

Road to Wellness: Cancer Cure Part II

Let's talk about what people do at the center.

After the orientation you'll immediately be hook up at the infusion room with an IV bag (yes, Intravenous) which will take about 3 to 4 hours max so it's up to you whether you want it in your arm or if you want to get a port done. (you'll be referred to a very good doctor who always do these sorta thing)

I think having a port is easier and less of a hassle 1.) you can move around freely after 2 weeks arm restrictions 2.) less worries about having an infiltration 3.) easy to maintain [after each IV session they always flush it with heparin so it won't clog/have any blood clot.If you are not using it any longer either just take it out the same way they put it in or just give yourself some heparin shots]

Day One, a wonderful lady from the front desk will give you a schedule to follow they do all sorts of stuff like Colonics, which cleans your colons after a couple of sessions you'll feel like a million bucks haha some say lighter, refreshed,rejuvenated, and cheery perhaps ^_^ what else? they also do Lymphatic massage, basic massage which helps drain your lymphatic system.Core Health, Leslie a guidance counselor will help you all throughout the program she'll give you assignments,cds/dvds to tune in and give you advice etc.Spiritual Guidance, Mark will help and guide you ,talk about religion,faith,belief anything goes. Foot bath, that looks like your regular foot spa but they have this ionizer and they put epsom salts for 30 minutes your foot will be soak into that mixture and you'll be surprised how the water changes color.

Everything about that center is amazing! they also have free wifi ;)
so check it out see for yourself ^_^

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