Monday, October 1, 2012

The Perks of being a Wallflower (Movie)

My thoughts,reaction,gifs (from tumblr),overall movie experience XD

I'm so looking forward to this movie
Yup, imagine me doing that cheer while walking...heading towards the movie theater lol my head at least. Ok so we watched the movie September 30,2012 (Sunday) coz we didn't know it's only playing on selected cinemas our journey began 7:10 pm we are planning to watch it on 8:05 pm. (the original time being 7:05 pm but that was ok ;))

Before we head there of course I'm looking for other alternative routes like the back roads you name it but still the same time traffic jam the latest and the less one I took which is yes that's right 27 minutes worth of traffic for like (5.3 unbelievable  miles) well at least it's the moving kind not the stuck up was ok better than what I expected it to be.

Inside the car Me,Geraldine (19) and Gemma (14) [2 niece(s?)] talked about you know the usual stuff about school,Russia,essays,reminiscing,playing with the radio stations,laughing and scenarios that could possibly happen at the theater.Of course either there's :

1) lots of people and it's tough to find a good seat,standing,over crowded,get a different time slot.
2) just the three of us inside the auditorium.
3) Sold out tickets.

while playing those scenario games though it could go in so many ways.We finally arrived at the venue hooray! and easily found a parking spot right around the corner yey! and since it's sunday we don't have to pay for that particular spot ha! talk about lucky! gahd I love this day ;))

Geraldine exchanged our vouchers so we're situated at Auditorium 3.I went on ahead to go to the restroom while they purchased some food in the center of it all (just basically before the entrance inside the theater).Then I went back to look for them then off's quite like a ghost town just us in the corridor but yey! finally some people (more likely on a movie date or something).Some of them are so dull,no reaction at all but we're quite like the life of it all actually we laughed a lot,cried at some parts and so on. Just so heart warming and touching it's just so...can't really explain it that much you just gotta watch it for yourself experience such emotional joy ride.

       I felt every bit of Charlie's emotion.He's so adorable,sensitive, captured and showed such awkwardness especially the during their dance( Him,Sam & Patrick) cuteness overload! there are times that just simply cracks me up about him.
 I just felt so alive....and infinite!

I think Emma Watson did an amazing job as Sam 
this scene feels a little bit titanic-ky ;)

and Patrick, OMG! he's so gay (happy you name it) and fantastic in doing so! I absolutely love him! (yes I know right talk about the excessive use of !)  I saw some of myself in him (like...I was like that when I was in college so fun,jolly,makes everyone so comfortable and at ease or so at least make them all feel welcome.Befriend anyone,talk to them even though we're not on the same class or if we did or whatever coz everyone is just so nice to talk to XD I'm like one of my best self that time pwahaha! )

The Rocky Horror Film is better than what I imagined I'm awe and amazed :O
Overall, everybody did a phenomenal job though there are some scenes that made me think back and forth about the book.The book is always better but these actors/actresses made everything come to life! Mr. Stephen Chbosky is truly spectacular directing the movie and everything.I applaud every part of the crew!

I'm gonna give this a rating of 4 out of 5 stars
and I'm definitely gonna buy it in BLU-RAY!

Heading back home was also one of the most awesome part we hit the green light combo,sang and shared what we liked or don't like about the movie we laughed and screamed talked about infinity.Looked for some infinity songs playing in the radio it was a great night!We're really glad we watched this movie! we can't even stopped talking about this at home we also started recommending it to some people that we know (that might like it or just basically whatever) We got a movie hangover (can't move on) coz it's so good took us awhile to calm down lol XD

so have you seen the movie yet? are you planning to?what do you think?
here's the trailer in case you wanna watch it again (and again like me lol perhaps refresh your memory ;))

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