Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Let's do this!
year of the snickity snake! tssss....

Happy 2013 everyone! may you continue to be awesome,believe you can achieve everything,may God continue to forever shower you and your loved ones blessings,live abundantly,love and be loved,grant you serenity and inner peace,be happy,joyful and glorious! XD

I remember way back in the day (oh boy here we go again :))) when I was still in my school days first day of class in the New Year teachers will make you write papers about how's your New Year,Christmas and other turn of events was? before I was thinking to better write them in advance but then I was like nah! because not all was like that but it was one of those simple joys reminiscing and reflecting,asking yourself,jotting it down how fruitful or merry my life been.I got confused one time what's the difference in such papers since they are all asking the same things haha! anyway, that was something to look forward to .Then seeing my friends for the first time in the longest time of all breaks even though it's only been like a week or two weeks tops.The School became an instant jungle quite an uproar really haha!I love it! no officials or school authority could ever stop the students for they would be labelled as KJ (Kill Joy) plus they are all chattering away as well.Consider it quits haha!

And so one of many main points/ questions would be and perhaps some of things I'll be doing this year ;)

1. New Year's Resolution.In which I'll be glad to share to you Meekakitty's one of many great youtube videos pointing out about such question.
make sure you tune in til the last bit she featured one of my favorite songs: So much by Asiah Mehok ^_^

2.To keep the motivation up and runnin >>> Don't break the Chain <<<click this link and you'll instantly be transported haha I mean redirected to Karen Kavett's blog post. (oh and I read the comment section I'm not such if Karen already changed it but it lacks october 13 ;)
3.I also joined the Day Zero Project wherein I'll try to keep track of my goals,dreams,hopes and aspirations in life.Join in as well it's free! XD (Try to google Day Zero Project for more info)
4.I'll be keeping a Memory box.I already made 3 boxes last year I started December 21st that idea came up with my Friend Marion.

5.Life Documentation.A-ha! perhaps I'll do a mix video + pictures though others seems to do just one thing I typically enjoy the wonders and joys of both.
6.Keep up with my journals or at least write something haha! 
7.Live and Enjoy the present moment!

And as for challenges I'll try to keep it down low.I participated last year in a few I enjoyed it but I just like taking my time reading or whatever.Oh yeah I managed to post at least fifty seven times (57) woohoo! w:ow even though how busy I was I still did it yey! also 18,000+ pageviews I can't even :O

So Cheers to 2012! \\_// \\_// my ventures had been very fruitful! and here's to 2013 \\_// \\_// full of life,abundant,joyful,merry,glorious,hope,victorious triumphs!Follow your bliss,be happy and God bless everyone! ^_^v 

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