Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hibiscus Tea

I discovered something new today after watching this video shown above (11:30) of that footage they'll show you how to make the hibiscus tea drink.You can make it hot or cold to beat fatigue and rehydrate.


-2-3 Hibiscus Flowers (take out the pollens in the middle and the bottom part) so you'll have about 10-15 petals (yes, you only need the petals)
-Hot water
-Honey (as sweetener)
-1 or half a citrus fruit (in the philippines we call it calamansi, in the usa or wherever I guess you could use lime or lemon or whatever citrus fruit available)
-Cold water (in the end if you prefer a cold drink)

If you watched the video you can see that they put the petals in a bowl then soaked it in hot water til the colors of the flowers bled, stirring gently.Take the petals out,add honey,put it in a glass then add the citrus that's it! put cold water or ice if you like ^_^

I still couldn't believe it haha! the flower I used to play around and sorta admire as a kid you can drink wow!
And it has some health benefits as well it will help maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol,vit C and antioxidant read more of it over here and here for more information!

That's it! will you try it out?

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