Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Late post!

I received the book around the last week of January many thanks to grubsneerg who posted it at massmosaic and bookcrossing. IT'S REAL YOU GUYS! it has the bookcrossing stickers (front and spine) and registration number inside.

The book's very touching and heartwarming I learned some things I didn't know about Amanda her life,memories etc. Anyway, I went to their Heartbreak Hotel Gig in Tampa Theatre,FL last Valentine's day and bought my own copy of the book so I'd like to pass on the bookcrossing travelling book to anyone interested I posted a tile on massmosaic kindly check it out message me there through the offer option and then we'll talk about it.It's a first come basis I'm afraid so go go go!

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