Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1

There's something about this day to be cheery about and very unforgettable as well first off was the timezone confusion I mean it's just so hilarious the meeting was set April 1,2012 6pm,Philippines time I told a very good friend of mine Saybermemein I'll wake up early about 6am so we could video chat/call.

March 31,2012,Saturday
Since I had the whole day off yey! more free time to do whatever I please to be honest so I woke up early for a good head start, started hangin out opened my social network account which took me quite like forever lol I saw the chatbox that looked like a bit of a ghost town though I know most of the people there it's just that it's been a while I guess. It was really fun staying in touch to good old friends I got some of their numbers since I left my other sim card at home then I remembered I forgot to ask saybermemein her number and such so no panic there I started searching for people who might know her digits but it was an epic fail I tell you! after some time I got hold to another good friend of ours the fun begins! I just love talking to people especially just chillin out you know it's nice the usual hi,hello and how are you greeting was splendid for starters then we asked each other how we been all these years,work,what are we doing this time around and so I always say just what everyone does plus of course that I was waiting for Saybermemein to which might lead me to some answers I'm longing to hear which lead to more confusion and errors it was so funny! So I just left Saybermemein a message told her I was waiting for her since ya know..and off I go to the library! but wait I checked the website it states 10 am ugh I was early half an hour so I visited the local Pharmacy got myself some stash of foodams and such :))

The Library
It was quiet (of course!) just the sound of photocopy machine,fax and occasional people chatting.Apparently there's lots of children,parents some young adults who came.I started to scout for a good place to stay with a power outlet, a chair and perhaps a table I saw the internet area which was screaming germs to me though they look pretty much clean lol as much as I'd like to use and enter that domain I'd rather not and just use my own computer there's also the teen area which clearly states TEENS ONLY quite a bust! the study room which contains and looks like these kids parents browsing some books in to which I didn't dare enter that room until finally aha! there I was sitting in the corner I found myself a round table and two chairs big enough to handle my stuff oh yeah I hit a jackpot! I was cautious enough not to alert or impose such eerie behavior and to be quiet enough as much as I can then this happened lol :)) I finally got hold of Saybermemein we laughed most of the time which didn't help my current disposition at the time but it was clearly worth it :))) the librarian or some lady approached me hand me the study room keys coz she said I was getting quite loud and asked if I was skyping and so I just said "Yes,I'm studying with a friend" though I'd like to emphasize our relationship etc. but I ended up using and just stick to the most common understandable common human english language :)) Indeed finally the room was empty hooray! I just hope the room was sealed tight and soundproof enough that it didn't reach the outside four wall corners wall of it. A lot of things happened afterwards like what saybermemein called our Twitter version photos XD

I'm glad it's not on full screen anymore and that I was aware this time lol :))

so there's more story telling about our lives, what happened to the most of us after,sharing of our life experiences,work related things and so on and so forth. Our quota was reached for the -nth time but there's no stopping us well I guess there's time since it's dawn at the other side plus we need some rest our jaw,gums and throat was aching out of happiness lol the joy of our glorious reunion was truly a comedy to begin and end with.We had a blast! awesome time for the longest time ever! we also had a few wacky photos but due to some sort of just us privacy matters we rather conceal it but yeah I know it would be more like I want to see it!let me view it kinda thing but my resolve is firm NO! lol :)) well not unless some of you read my tweet during those times then there might be a chance of you catching that moment though I doubt it since I deleted that ASAP so don't worry Saybermemein it's locked in my vault lol :)))  [Sorry, I'm not being so therapeutic there ;) ] anyway til next time then ^_^

Palm Sunday
I always thought about a good pal of mine during this time around he's so funny way back our shot mode era lol :)) we'd definitely hang out soon enough anyway moving on I just love going to the church early in the morning it's fresh,vibrant,relaxing and not much crowd. Up until now I'm still not used to seeing just regular flat straight Palm leaves

This is what I got quite a bundle ^_^

because in the Phillipines they used to braid these palm leaves very beautiful and decorative like this 

But the good thing around here the straight flat out palm leaves are free in the Phillipines you'll buy your own braided palm leaves or either use the other alternative kind in which I'll show you once I capture that photograph.

The Mass was longer than usual with the blessing and gospel reading but the homily was straight to the point in catch up with time.In my understanding the Palm that we have are straight because it symbolizes victory/triumph because of what happened all those times before and all that it made a lot of sense to me.Sorry not much of a detail but I hope you get to catch some sunday missal and sunshine take care and have a lovely week! ^_^

Yeah I'll try to post some more entries for I'm getting quite lazy -_- there's just so many things to do and so little time I'll really try to catch up hopefully next month see ya later ^_~

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Glad you were able to Skype and that you found a semi-quiet place in the library. How interesting that the palm leaves are braided where you live. So pretty!

    Thanks for following my blog- I am now following you back. Happy Easter!