Monday, August 27, 2012

Midnight in Paris | Movie Review


Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) successful Hollywood screen writer and an aspiring author is on vacation with his Fiance Lnez (Rachel McAdams) in Paris along with her Parents. He's in love with Paris to a point he's even considering living there and leave everything behind in California in order to write his novel but Lnez she's not feeling it.Gil always liked the 1920's and so one time he got very drunk after wine tasting with Lnez and her family instead of going dancing with his fiance and her friends he decided to go back to the hotel and walked.He was lost,tired and drunk he sat over at a flight of stairs waiting for a cab then clock strikes twelve an old school vehicle pulled over some people inside started to call for him invited him for a party before he knew it he's drinking again,talking to strangers parisians,americans etc. eventually it got into him that the people he's talking to are the real deal famous people! like Scott Fitzgerald,Zelda Fitzgerald,Picaso all his idols.He also met a very lovely lady who also accompanies him during his strolls from that point on his life changed! late night strolls became a habit,he met a lot of interesting people who helped in his writing,lots of big decisions to be made.Oh boy!

OMG! this movie is fantastic! absolutely brilliant,wonderful and amazing! why didn't I see this any sooner?! I love the cast and how they played their characters really well.The costumes,music and scenery absolutely breath taking.

(Spoiler Alert) though there are some points in which Gil should have reason out with his fiance's parents tell them about the deceit and lies Lnez holiday fling fiasco than just leaving the hotel room with a mere goodbye.I like the part where Gil told Paul (one of lnez's college crush and Friend) about the part he got wrong about history and Picaso's painting haha!. A Part where Gil thought he would score that night but didn't tsk tsk..also the part where he finally met a girl in the end who likes to walk in the rain alongside with him aww...(though she's a bit young-er than/for him but hey they're in Paris!  it's nice to have some company and sight see plus of course walk in the rain ;)))

This movie made me feel and urge me to go to Paris even more along with my Cousins,Family and Friends and perhaps secretly waiting til the clock hits twelve midnight.Ah what a beautiful and romantic rendezvous awaits haha!

 I'll give this five out of five stars (and if possible I'll give it an infinite value!) seriously this is so awesome well thought and made! mere words can't suffice how I love and adore this movie hands down! If you like the 1920's, jazz,Scott Fitzgerald,classic and old school you should definitely watch this movie! I'll definitely buy this in Blu-ray ^_^


  1. I skipped the spoiler because you made me want to see this movie. It sounds fascinating and I love the scenery and costumes are well done. I bet it will make me want to go to Paris, too. Thanks for sharing.

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