Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Ideas (Make up tips and tricks)

I love Michelle Phan and Colorismyweapon (Noe Mae) their creativeness are so awesome to the core!they never fail to amuse me! they're definitely one of my top all time favorite youtubers out there. Learn a thing or more from the masters below.Don't forget to check out their channel(s) as linked above and subscribe! XD

For The Game of thrones fan
Daenerys is definitely one of the most kickass female fictional character.Oh yeah! \m/

This one's hella cute and scary transformation!

I never thought of that haha I'd like to remake this lacey vibe one day.

simple and sexy! I love it!

They make it look so easy haha but whenever I try it it always seems like the reality vs. expectations posts from tumblr D: #epicfail 

Haha! I'll try and try and do my best in every attempt I'll be able to create some of my own techniques that's for sure! + experience points :)))

What about you? are you going to dress up this hallows eve? what/who would you be?Tell me in the comments below ^_~

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