Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inevitable Hero's Journey

I met a couple of lovely people along the way...
A few note worthy while some are just completely despicable!
Devil in disguise!made quite a tempting offer
classic act of deception
I almost got consumed!
Good thing I said I'd pass and carry on with my mission.

Yes,I soul's still intact
As I move on,back on track,off the detour
I contemplated on weird turn of events
In which case I'm really glad & grateful that I met the likes of them..loads of lessons learned!No regrets!

When curiosity killed the cat
I thought of you my beloved
That always seems to work
It pulled me straight back.

Dodged death multiple times
I hope & pray I won't ran out of life lines (they sure are valuable!)
Anyway,I know I need to make up for lost time..
Wait for me.I'll be back promised.

All is well..fully awake and fortunately still alive!
In due course everything will unfold
And it will be one of those epic stories ever told!


  1. Glad you're still keeping your blog. Hang in there, whatever it may be...

    1. Sinusubukan ko tong iupdate once in awhile nagdownload na din ako ng blogger app. Lol :))) yung sayo ba kamusta?Kelan ang iyong comeback?