Monday, September 30, 2013

One of those days

I left you a note

I'm not sure whether or not you've seen nor read it

but I'm hoping this one will reach you

just like many others.

I'd like to tell you that...

it could be quite scary sometimes

how much my love for you

consumes me

as it linger and never waver

You came back

and told all sorts of stories

uncertain which one to believe

is this your true form?

or an act of deceit?

It saddens me...

I looked at you

and somewhat saw

the person I once knew

the person who chose the most improbable route

in retrospect

I realized

how I barely know you

how many things I tend to hold back

due to instinct that never seem to fail me

You came for a reason

I thanked you for dropping by for the season

now we could all move on

as you once again

fade into oblivion.

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