Sunday, December 7, 2014

Got a blog?

Can't sleep so I thought I'd type something.

just recently finished insidious and insidious 2 it's less scary than I thought it would but still creepy! quite haunting actually so I tried to watch something fun and distracting like listen music on repeat right now some of the great gatsby ost bang bang by and fergie's+ Q Tip + GoonRock a little party never killed anybody so I could sleep more soundly later on haha!.I sorta believe in those stuff supernatural stuff  since I kinda experience some out of this world things.I'll try to expound it in the following post I hope I won't forget.I know it's been awhile since my last entry people still blog anymore?apparently some still do although I feel like it's such a huge thing before unlike these days or Am I just missing out haha to be honest I only know a few who still do I salute you!

so whatcha up to?do you still blog?share your site if I didn't know already.Do you still read this things? I'll try to do some follow ups here from now and then.

Ciao for now ^_^

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