Sunday, January 25, 2015

Travelling Books & The World of Plenty!

Earlier today as I checked my online stuff and saw one of my favorite author of all time Neil Gaiman retweeted
  And so I went to that site as I was curious what it's all about.. what I learned + my First Impression: Mass Mosaic (World of Plenty) currently running on beta, dunno how to describe it as I'm new to it myself but it's like tumblr wherein you can post/create WANT/HAVE in what they call a tile then there's a bunch of options/categories also exchange type (borrow,sell,trade,gift etc),Follow people and create a mosaic (it also lets you crowdsource anything!) wow! I find it pretty amazing so far!

Here's an intro:

 as I searched for  the book the Art of asking by Amanda Palmer . I learned about another site called BOOK CROSSING if books can travel and have a passport this site is it! it lets you register your book for free,print your label/buy from them,post and track wherever it go! isn't amazing!?

Anyway, I quite remember the where's george currency tracking project also those times when booktubers( people who do book related videos on youtube) have a project similar to book crossing. Just wow! Internet and People in general never fails to amuse me!  #PassItOn #MakeTheWorldABetterPlace (I still find it a bit odd using hashtags in post,messages,time and again well except on twitter and sometimes instagram haha :)))

Just wanted to share this post to let you know what I recently discovered and hope it's helpful.Now Join in those sites I mentioned for it's FREE! enjoy and have fun! ^_^

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