Monday, March 16, 2015

My first lucky clover:Plant Journey

A very late post!

I didn't know and now I realized I forgot to post this or maybe I did and this is just a draft copy of that but anyway yeah almost 2 years ago this thing happened...

June 25,2013
I went and hangout at Barnes & Nobles for awhile and scavenge my way thru the 50% off clearance bin full of random stuff and bought myself a Lucky Clover plant set in a box. ($5.95- 50%= 2.95+6%tax=$ 3.15)
Day 2:they're beginning to sprout
Day 3:more sprouts yey! ^_^
Day 4 they're growing nicely! I try to talk to them from now and then.
at the end of day 4 they grew a lot taller!
Day 5: they're growing up fast! I think I can spot a 4 leaf clover haha this is very exciting indeed!
Day 6: xD
Day 7
Day 8: swing to the right follow the light
Day 9-10: It's been raining these past couple of days.Not much sun that's why it started to wither mayhaps.
Day 12: most of them are dying so I changed their setting and place them at a windowsill with lots of sunlight hopefully that would do the trick I don't really know how long this plant will last it doesn't really say on the box the longer the better I guess...from day 13-18: it looks pretty much the same as 12 but they are withering slowly.
Day 19 (July 13):Last one standing I hope and pray it will become a 4 leaf clover coz it looks like it xD

[Notes from the future: As far as I could remember I think I saw a 4 leaf clover like the last one standing or maybe I'm on denial like maybe it was like 3 but the branches are a bit off so yeah 4 I decided meh maybe 4 haha]

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