Saturday, May 23, 2015


Saw you just now
thought you were dead
we haven't seen each other for a very long time

I turned and walked as fast as I can 
for running would simply give me away
nevertheless you caught up with me
and said "hey"

I smiled then simply nodded as I kept my distance
catching up with you would simply be..
the end of me.

The following day you dropped by my house
no one's home 
or so you thought
I hid and kept my shadow close.

Way back  in the day
I used to wonder why?
why you left and didn't even bother to say goodbye.

Now that I know better
I understand and would have to accept
the painful truth
the ugly truth

That we're never meant to be
as I read your letter and wedding invitation
no tears escape, as you are slowly dying in my eyes 

the man I once knew and loved is gone
the word us cease to exists
it's just another day
here I am living the life in total bliss!

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