Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Ideas (Make up tips and tricks)

I love Michelle Phan and Colorismyweapon (Noe Mae) their creativeness are so awesome to the core!they never fail to amuse me! they're definitely one of my top all time favorite youtubers out there. Learn a thing or more from the masters below.Don't forget to check out their channel(s) as linked above and subscribe! XD

For The Game of thrones fan
Daenerys is definitely one of the most kickass female fictional character.Oh yeah! \m/

This one's hella cute and scary transformation!

I never thought of that haha I'd like to remake this lacey vibe one day.

simple and sexy! I love it!

They make it look so easy haha but whenever I try it it always seems like the reality vs. expectations posts from tumblr D: #epicfail 

Haha! I'll try and try and do my best in every attempt I'll be able to create some of my own techniques that's for sure! + experience points :)))

What about you? are you going to dress up this hallows eve? what/who would you be?Tell me in the comments below ^_~

Friday, October 18, 2013


Knowing you is like spring time in the snow
Always merry and full of hope
You never fail to amuse me
Makes me laugh with your crazy antics

Whenever we get together
It's like we never actually parted,seems like yesterday
And it feels like we've known each other forever!

Time lapse smoothly
Everything moves effortlessly
Our worries slowly fades away
Just like any other day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Starting all over again easier said than done
I'll take my chances better off than none.
A leap of faith
Rule out the improbable
Coz with you by my side everything's possible!

I hope & pray everyday
The turn out's gonna be just fine
Although I know you already took care of it
always ahead of time better than expected!
definitely worth the wait!

I can't thank you enough for what you just did.
You save(d) me multiple times
The Absolute most high!
I trust,believe and give you endless praise.
Your love for me can't compare and I love you to bits!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


You made a mark inside my heart
I can't forget no matter how many times it tends to restart
Although there's no imminent danger yet but sooner or later I might lose it.

The moment I met you it hit home
One of the utmost vulnerable yet glorious time ever known
then the world seems to tremble
An impact so strong none could comprehend.

We're an unlikely pair that made the pact
Joined by fate
Off to an adventure of a lifetime
In order to help and kickstart.

We'll do our best to make it work
Let's see how it goes and what will take place thereafter.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Out of the blue we met
Your mere presence makes me smile
I don't want to forget

I'd like to get to know you
Even if that means going astray
As I'd like to give it a shot
So I won't regret it someday

Initially I really thought it was you
Even after all this time
I can't help but intermittently romanticize this strange case of us.Until...

A lot of things happened
Inevitable changes
A difference so evident
It's quite disappointing

Anyway, all for the best!
many thanks!
You'll always be an epic love
Keep that in mind

Now let's become the best version of ourselves as we get over such a phase and mayhaps one day our path will cross yet again.
All in good time til then keep safe!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inevitable Hero's Journey

I met a couple of lovely people along the way...
A few note worthy while some are just completely despicable!
Devil in disguise!made quite a tempting offer
classic act of deception
I almost got consumed!
Good thing I said I'd pass and carry on with my mission.

Yes,I soul's still intact
As I move on,back on track,off the detour
I contemplated on weird turn of events
In which case I'm really glad & grateful that I met the likes of them..loads of lessons learned!No regrets!

When curiosity killed the cat
I thought of you my beloved
That always seems to work
It pulled me straight back.

Dodged death multiple times
I hope & pray I won't ran out of life lines (they sure are valuable!)
Anyway,I know I need to make up for lost time..
Wait for me.I'll be back promised.

All is well..fully awake and fortunately still alive!
In due course everything will unfold
And it will be one of those epic stories ever told!