Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Liebster Award

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Thank you so much Cassandra! who would have thought after all these years we're still blogging? haha! many thanks! this is really nice and yet another humbling experience!

What is your blog’s direction?

Right now I think it's in a much more General sense unlike before in which I mainly focused/discussed about books. I like how free and open I am now discussing and sharing my feelings with others I'd like to broaden my horizons even more and talk about things that aren't usually talked about.

What country are you from? 

Originally I'm from the Philippines! Right now I'm currently residing here in the U.S

Favorite genre in anime and why?

Shoujo,School Life and Slice of Life. I like how normal and relateable it is but with a twist. It teaches valuable lessons about family,friendship, life in general and all that stuff.

What do you hate?

Hate is such a strong word haha but when it comes to food I don't really like and hate diningding I think it's an Ilocano dish in the Philippines it's made out of leftover fish heads then you stew it with anchovy paste and add some vegetables it taste so gross to me but some of my friends told me it isn't so bad haha maybe I just ate a weird not so good version I dunno but right now never again! :))

When it comes to people it's not like I hate the person itself but more of their actions you know? and sometimes I even hate myself  a little bit whenever I did something stupid or like let some trivial matter get on the way and cloud my judgement but through that I learn oh  life!

What are the things that make you glad to be alive?

Hmm...Early on in life I guess I learned how to appreciate little things in life like candy,cute things,games,books stuff like that.

How far do you and anime-manga go?

When it comes to anime I'd say 20 years and 10 years for manga. Way back in the day (Oh boy I feel old using this term haha) animation isn't as good as they are now they're still developing but most of the time they have really good story lines and I actually believed that they're real at least some of them even though they had bad graphics haha I started reading manga around College because during those times it takes a very long time for my favorite anime episodes to air due to translation and copyrights of networks or they needed to get dub by the local network etc. finding the book is somewhat easier and more fast paced than waiting in vain forever haha!

Have you read any light novels?

Lately no but way back in the day yes! here's my goodreads read pile please check it out for more info!

What are your thoughts on the rise of the light novel trend?

I think it's nice! anything that promotes reading I think is good. The more people read the more we learn,our minds won't become stagnant as it will broaden our horizons,empathize and understand one another more.

What are your plans for the next months ahead on your blog?

More reviews about technology,movies,games,make up normal stuff haha

Latest anime or leisure activity you are immersed in?

I haven't watched any anime as of late please recommend me some in case you've watched any good ones as for other things well right now I'm currently playing Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth it's surprisingly good! I'm almost done woohoo! and binge watching Orange is the new Black on Netflix I finally got into this tv series.

11 random facts about me

1. I like Soy products a lot (tofu,soy beans,soy sauce,soy milk anything goes!)
2. I can eat Tofu, Spaghetti or Kare-Kare for a week (breakfast,lunch & dinner)
3. I have a lazy left eye.
4. I can play video games,sit and stand for 12 hours (with bathroom breaks of course haha)
5. I can cut and draw a straight line without any ruler/guide (Many thanks to my Godma and summer scrapbook sessions :))
6. I have small veins (or so they say it's hard for other people to poke and extract my blood)
7. I like drinking cold beverages even on a cold day and vice versa
8. I sometimes like to eat breakfast for dinner and vice versa haha
9. I may be the weird one in my family but I know I'm not alone out there (I have some weird friends as well :))
10. I love pasta and bread!
11. A couple of years ago I eventually learned to appreciate tea,strawberries,cherries and sushi! (who would have thought?!)

I nominate:

Saybermemein 11x or like times infinity Lupet! haha ^0^

Side note: Most of the people I follow/I'd like to nominate either got >200 followers or like already nominated for this award sorry for not following instructions *bow*

here are my questions to you Malupet:

1-3.List 5 things you love and hate (feel free to explain why if you like haha :))
4-6. Name a place(s) you'd like to visit someday and share some of your itineraries. ^_^
7-9. If ever you're running for candidacy let's say President or Senate or any office what would your platform be and what would your slogan say?
10. Any particular skill you'd like to learn?
11. If you can turn back time what would you change?and why? Oh and just in case you don't want to change a thing or let's say you did that of course that will ruin the space time continuum or whatever back to the future reference haha plus I'd also like to ask you this question anyway What's your greatest fear? (classic question lol)

Feel free to answer any of Cassandra's questions as well and visit her blog.Thank you!

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  1. Thanks, Kim! This made my day. I had a super stressful day in my two classed today and this cheered me up somewhat. Not completely but it helped some.

    I don't know. I am certain in every way there are things and people I hate. I usually make it a thing to avoid these things or individuals if I can. For a reason they have caused me great dislike or hurt.
    Ohh! You like soy products. I really enjoy drinking soy milk. Great flavor and texture.