Sunday, June 17, 2012

About a boy

This is not like the movie one might say might be.
who knows
perhaps it's just me
kinda cliché really

this post is about a boy
I kinda like him you see
known him for quite sometime now
sometimes he's there
most of the time not

he's not at all imaginary
he's totally and completely real!
normal,pretty much alive and moving
with limbs,head with a brain and everything.

we shared a couple of stories
funny,melancholy memories
bizarre moments
our first epic encounters
and life long adventures

but then again
whenever I thought about it
and I often wonder
if those messages were in some ways
whatever it is I thought it would be
different perhaps

it's always like this stumble and trumped
people's feelings
he'll turn back then come back again
it's as if having an experiment
like to see if I am in any way affected.

it's not fair my dearly beloved
to have such feelings
for I know I'll find somebody else
better than him
as expected
in so many ways I can imagine my triumph
and in the like manner the opposite of such.

ah such dilemma!
one must need to face
but with this in life
we learn and conquer
over throw our fear and obstacles

I can feel it
the one who is right for me
I won't give up
and I will find you
eventually for sure!