Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'd like to become a drifter
the one that comes and goes
perhaps more of a transient maybe
not just an ordinary drifter but an explorer as well
the one who doesn't necessarily hitch rides,own a guitar and a hat to showcase one's talent
but the one who just travels
go with the flow
you know just like in the olden days.

I often imagine myself in a story
perhaps writing one
about me,my family,friends,dreams and aspirations
girl and boy blues
then that plot that just captures and jumps to every different category
a contemporary,action pack,mystery thriller romance mix with a little blood or gore or erotica?

I dunno.

I just want that sensation of all the things that I love in one
the uncertainty
twist and turns
that lead you back for more
or maybe if possible in multiple characters perspective
I know that's quite a few and bit ambitious
but yes I'd like to do that
all of that!

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