Sunday, June 3, 2012

Skip beat | Tv Series Review

Skip beat, is a japanese  shoujo manga by Yoshiki Nakamura.It's about a girl name Kyoko Mogami (16 years old) who loves her childhood friend Fuwa Sho then later on discovers that he only keeps her around to act as a maid and cover his living expenses, as he works his way to become the top pop idol in Japan. Furious and heart broken, she vows to get revenge by beating him into show business.Kyoko met Ren Tsuruga, a very talented well known actor who works for a company LME the story takes flight,plot thickens,full of twist and turn and a brewing love triangle/love interest? perhaps?

My heart definitely skipped a beat after I saw a live in action taiwanese drama of one of my most favorite manga of all time! I was kind of skeptic at first ;) and was like one of those people who was like these people doesn't suit the part not mangaish at all but then as I started to watch and saw how the show progress I'm at awe! :O such talents OMG! they're amazing! very faithful to the manga but I wonder when will season 2 begin and I hope they're still the same actors and actresses everybody was so good and professional. What I like about the manga story line is that it's about humble beginnings in the  showbiz industry,what it's like being an actor/actress,how do they feel,react,practice,shoot films all those kind of stuff (well of course still depends on what the author) but still it's full of surprises,full of twist and turn,romantic kind of vibe,lessons about love,hatred,anger and everything else about life.

That's one of the trailer youtube has to offer you'll definitely love it or hate it or perhaps both? grow to love it maybe? I do suggest you watch it see it for yourself

more OMG moment :O
as I was typing and searching far and wide I stumble upon this! surely it's also one of those I CAN'T BELIEVE IT moments as well I didn't even know a game for PS2 existed *slaps self* I'm so gonna have one!

of course a walkthrough at last!

but the game is in japanese D'oh! *face palm*
time to sharpen my japanese skills pwahaha!
I saw it on one site this game won't boot on USA or European ps2 game consoles NOOOO!!!
but I'd still like to play XD

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