Saturday, June 16, 2012


I met a boy
almost perfect
wherein I often lose myself
I forgot most of the things I listed
the ideal list I'd like to call it

though I always remember them near the end
where most valuable lessons in the story are learned
often shared.

I know from that moment on
the next couple of days
is gonna be tough
things aren't just enough
for life is bound to happen
reality check

this guy I'm talking about
we know for sure
what and how we both felt
it's just that these things
are just a little bit complicated

bound to happen
especially these days...
our geographic location is one thing
but trust is our biggest key player here

I don't know what to feel really
perhaps I'm too affected
but no need to worry

bulletproofing is all I need
time past
I always look and find someone better
responsible,independent,religious,shared same values,kind & smart
the list goes on
perhaps some perks
or something that marks along those lines.

everything will be fine
back to normal all over again
but for sure I'll never forget this boy
who taught and shown me things in life
that will never be the same again.

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