Monday, July 23, 2012

Speak (Movie Review)

This movie was about an hour and a half long.The leading protagonist Melinda Sordino played by Kristen Stewart is about to begin a new school year .Because of what happened last summer party nobody wants to be her friend anymore well except this new girl from Ohio (Heather Billings), her previous group of friends despise her entire existence,whispers behind her back without even knowing the truth well except nearly the end of the movie where the big reveal was kind of a big shocker for everyone.(Isn't always?)

I think that it's very faithful to the book.Kristen Stewart's awkward and silent acting skills (well I don't know if that would even count because most of her roles are quite like that just saying) but it works for this kind of flicks. The way she conveyed her emotions through her eyes, little actions and scripts delivered it pretty much ok I like how she just burst out her feelings and told Heather how much of a user/social climber she is and just stood up,speak for herself!ha!.I've decided to watched this because I was kinda intrigue how would it be portrayed in the big screen and hey! I can't say no just because of the people portraying it plus the Q&A author portion talk at the back of the book surely was interesting.

I like how Michael Angarano portrayed Dave Petrakis he's one of my favorite characters he's bright and got the guts to stand up for himself and defends others a true friend! the second one was Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn) you'll always have that weird teacher that would let you do almost anything in class :D

I don't want to give any spoilers and if I did (Oops ;)))
you can read my book review here (if you like)
I would give this movie 3 stars it was ok I sorta like it but I won't buy it in bluray it's a good reference whether you've read or not check it out and tell me what you think about it ^_^

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