Friday, July 6, 2012


a boy I once knew

now a man I hardly know

what happened?

to us?to you?

I can't even fathom.

when did it all began?

can't hardly say

perhaps the time

we both felt indifferent

not utterly the same.


if not, here's a reminder

from me to you

where to begin...

one day,

you just showed up

with a girl claiming to be a friend

I welcome her to the club

like a regular

you know the same old stereotypical way.

I knew it!

we both knew

it's just that

we let pass such opportunistic son of a .....

ruin us

rip us into two!

I still can't believe she can do such vile things!

she poisoned our mind

played with our feelings

toyed and abused us

to her heart's content

we're too nice!

we're too human!

I can't let that happen again

the tragedy

the chase

I'm saving you

I'll endure it

every single bit

it's not revenge I seek

but justice

for you my love

not just ours

but to others she destroyed

such person should cease to exist

anger and fury filled me!

others convinced me otherwise

you'll wake up soon enough

I always keep my promise

I still believe and do hope

there's a place

only I could access

not anyone alive dare to enter

Don't forget

our love and dreams

always and forever

One must pay the full price

in order to salvage

what remains of the other.

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