Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys how's it goin? I hope you had a Merry Christmas! ^_^

Anyways, as always a lot of things happened & it was super awesome where do I begin?

Thy Mp3(audiobook) lists my friend gave me and the Saunder's book I bought I'm halfway in through it yey! eight more hours to burn (absorbing important facts ;))) and a couple of hundreds or so to read woohoo!

I dazzled up a couple of Christmas balls as a brilliant gift for kids they're like almost my nephews so yeah..I made some dragon balls & pokeballs XD
Materials used:
A dozen small christmas balls
Acrylic Paint (Black & white)
Green String
Red Duct(k?) tape
scotch tape

It took me a couple of coats of acrylic paint to make it thick also to make it stick real good.I used the scotch tape as a guide I put it all around the xmas ball so I won't have a lot of Ooopps then used the same rack to let them dry then viola.Handpainted all the way ^^, (you get it..I hope so)

I also watched this amazing youtube clip for additional inspiration & as a guide.

Christmas Extravaganza

December 24, 2012

Went to Church 3:00 pm at Saint Williams they had such a marvelous renovation :O

Then off to Bucca to pick up the pasta & salad.Went home then to Ave Maria that's where we spent our Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dinner),Exchange gifts & tour discussions.Had a lot of surprises,instant catching up,phone calls & text messages from family & friends very touching indeed!

December 25, 2012

The Spoils of Xmas oh yeah!

Tita Susan spent the night,woke up quite late,after lunch we drop by Tito Jojo's place.Ate again haha! then to Tita Susan's place...chill,siesta (afternoon nap) and finally to the theater to watch Les Miserable. I'm so gonna make a movie review about it here oh & the hobbit too XD

December 26,2012
Present time~Today

We bought a washer coz ours retired after 10 years of service but the Dryer was ok still functional.My Tatay(Dad) just need to fix all the proper wires and stuff.Speaking of which we have to go back to the store tomorrow to pick it up coz they are out of stock we don't want the display one coz you'll never know.

I also just bought TrakAxPC (a video editing software) since I would like to invest and level up my video creations you can try their free trial from their website and if you like it make sure you comeback over here so you can avail. my 10% off since you are my friend I'll give it to you for starters I already got mine I won't be needing it so click/copy paste the Important link>>>>

So that's basically it! ha! what are you up to lately?what did you do for christmas? tell me in the comments below ^_^v

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