Monday, December 10, 2012


I'm home at last!

Just got back home from my trip to the westcoast.Yes! I went on a trip and YES! I didn't state that here before pwahaha! because of reasons! nyaha ;) just kidding well indeed it's been awhile...I went there to visit my Cousin stayed there for a bit,review,met and made a lot of new friends (favorite word HELLA & HECKA,I just noticed they used it a lot in California haha!) ate a lot of Filipino food in which we can't recreate back home like sisig,kare-kare,all sorts of food with a "log" as a suffix,went to Jolibee (to be happy haha) ate a lot of spaghetti and chickenJOY (see :))),explored the area for a while,I also went to Cache Creek Casino where I met Richard Gomez (I didn't have a photograph with him I'm plain happy just to see him and took a picture of my Ate Gidget with him I'm like their papparazzi ;))) he's the real definition of Tall,Dark & Handsome, lose $20 (I'm lucky to other people but my luck fails me :))),gained some weight since I don't sweat too much there ah sedentary lifestyle(curse thy tummy!),spenty my free $25 dine in for registering their for the first time thanks cache creek for doing that!.I learned how to appreciate Mexican food (I like it now by the way it's so good!well at least over in our area),Valued and cherished my family and friends more,learned more about strategies in life,the "game",Nclex, how uninteresting my life is compared to them haha!,trusted my gut feeling are still good with sensing things and other bunch of stuff (in which case I prayed a lot not just because of that but for everything,I'm truly grateful),Camping was fun despite the heat,swam in a lake for the longest time it was cold,felt the pain and fatigue the next day,made and ate quite a lot of smores during the bonfire,jetskied for the first time (it was awesome! XD) I was HELLA DARK! I truly appreciate the convenience of the modern day society (not peeing in the woods/lake/nearby toilet stall which was hella stinky! oh and warm baths ahhhh....I didn't know there's lots of mountains in California,bridges that could extend for nine miles woah! (san mateo bridge), The Golden Gate which is by the way Red yet still Golden in history! ;) I also made a couple of clips in which out of many I managed to capture some of the funniest moments and compiled one NCNA experience.

How's my flight?

There's quite a lot of delays because of the weather it's raining there for about a week then there's this toilet system situation in the plane that needs to be fixed.Miss my connecting flight but that's ok I got a new backup ticket good thing I heard their announcement.Ate a subway sandwich which was delicious plus doritos chips XD

Got back and out perhaps 10:30 pm.Saw a Welcome back posting at my bedroom door and my new bedroom awaits I was like :O spazzed out in my bedroom floor as if I was on Oprah! everything's new I got new drawers,mattress,complete bedroom showcase! wow! I'm so proud of my parents T_T 

They made such good investments with their money and I was like Ok I think I should travel around more often coz everything changes every time I go out there explore the world and stuff.

The next day, I opened my mail,packages,boxes in which awaits....                 

 It's like christmas morning haha! (of course it's not like that I just laid them in an orderly fashion).As much as I would like to wait til Christmas to open them I just can't help and stop myself this is so exciting!

Many thanks once again to:
Jessica ( for the halloween theme tote bag, Haunted & Moonfall books,jack-o-lantern socks and other handful awesome swags XD
Jessie ( for the kill a mockingbird book (I've always wanted to read the book even before I watched the movie)
Erin ( for granting Mr. Darcy,Vampyre.It's been on my wishlist since 2011 haha! cool handwriting! ^_^
Lucy & Crimson ( amazing packaging! cool octopus tote bag with matching notes & random magic postcards.
Leigh ( for hosting Audrey's Guide to witchcraft & Strangers in the Gale (with a note in a very adorbz penmanship in which I'll use as a perfect bookmark! )

So yeah  that's just some of the things that happened in my about you?what's up? :D

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