Monday, August 19, 2013

Book 1's in 12 series

A pile of books I never thought I could have but did accumulate over time so crazy I know!

some say this will be turn in to a movie hmm...

I need to read more of his works

I got this one from goodreads way back I seriously need to get on with it!

this really looks promising

this looks quite magical & action pack!
oh this looks really good or so at least that's what I got from the synopsis (I got a box set for a bargain!) can't pass that XD

                                           Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen
there's this time I got so obsess into dragons that I just bought them haha! I'm missing book 2 & the last from this series.The cover of each book looks divine!

I saw the movie it was ok though some say it's inaccurate so I'm definitely checking the book out I'm not sure if they're making any  movie part 2

this looks somewhat prodigy-ish & quite academic sort of feel good times haha!

gossip girl from victorian era? let's go!

I started this book way back and I'm liking it so far book 1's really good full of mystery I like that! although I don't know why I got book 3 along with it instead of 2 I'm completely unaware of such sequence ugh!

I need to make some time for them lot..have you read any of them?

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