Friday, August 16, 2013

Series of Questions

Here are some of the things I often asked myself Why am I here?What am I doing here?What’s this I’m in to?Should I really go for it? Yes that’s some of it and the answers to all that are really simple which is family,fate,destiny,friends,something new,a taste of adventure because of all that I’ve met people that became part of me intentionally or not I believed a part them exists within me and I in them things and experiences in life that can’t be bought  yes they’re all PRICELESS.I posted this because I know I’m not the only one feeling the same way as I always thought I did..We’re not alone,speak now!stand up! Write or type anything,jot down those flights of ideas,nonchalant gibberish thoughts, I would like to always remember this part of my life wherein I would just indulge and see where I go as I wake up to nightmares,daydreams,reality, what I’ve been through, done that, a box full of sunshine,darkness and inspiration  I could open up and recall Oh so that’s what it’s like way back hmm..I never thought of it that way especially some crisis that existed to other s that are non-existent to some part of my life hmmm those type of things. As I journeyed and come forth along the way there’s lots more battle waiting to be fought and won ,vast wilderness to be explore up ahead I dunno how long my life adventures would last but I’ll make it to a point I would cherish every moment,have fun and hopefully won’t forget as much about it hahaha!

(original draft date: 8.16.11 12:01 AM, to be honest there are loads of times I thought about this and I'm glad to have found this on my blog draft files with a date haha! I always seem to wonder off haha! I also thought about what I did on a certain date of yester years now I got something a-ha!)

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